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               Are Preppers Liberal or Conservative


I believe it is 60% conservative and 40% liberal.  Liberal preppers who believe in big government understand big government is more reactive than proactive.  They will

repair and upgrading the power grid once it fails or is



Liberal preppers who want to survive the power grid going down use open mined unemotional critical thinking and

have decided the best people to network, buy, sell, trade

with and take classes from are conservative preppers. 

These are the people they want to bug out with or have in

the neighborhood compound at their house or church.  

I am asking people to let go of the subject of politics and

social issues until the power comes back on.


For the people who do not have a lot of energy tied up in politics this should be a simple subject to avoid like

Grandma says at the Thanksgiving dinner table. 


For those who have a passion for knowing if a persons

political projections / views are on the left or right I am

asking you not to use the word Liberal or Conservative

until the event is over.  These words have a lot of negative energy in them.  The choice of only using the words

Democrat and Republican gives you the ability step away

from your passion for political conversation / projections

by not volunteering your views and keeping things positive.


Episode-150- Are all Survivalists Right Wing Politically Speaking


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