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Cooking and Keeping Warm

​For the beginner prepper build a fire pit with a grate to cook on. Look for used heavy grills and research if hot coals from your fire pit can be placed in these grills to cook on.

Store lots of 30 pound propane tanks and small propane tanks to run camping cooking stoves.

Share the expense with your prepper neighbors on the purchase of a food dehydrator, log splitter and sun oven. 

Buy a hand compactor machine that can compress sheared wet news papers into a cube that can be placed in a fireplace that will burn for many hours.

Network with your neighbors about chain saws.  These are dangerous and high maintenance tools.  Only have certain people operate them with lots of preparation and safety training on how to work trees into fire wood. Have several bow saws for cutting up smaller pieces. 

Install a wood stove and spend a couple of years learning how to burn wood to heat your house. Have wood delivered for cash or for barter.  When someone in your neighborhood cuts down a tree volunteered to help them clean up the yard and haul off the wood back to your house.  Save the 1/4" to 3" limbs and sticks to start your fire.

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