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Jack Spirko "The Survival Podcast"

I have selected the best episodes for new preppers

Do a Internet search of the episode title to bring up a link.

Episode-1178- Listener Calls                            Start at 7:48

Is the government afraid of “survivalists” if so why

Episode-1180- How Preppers Can Save the Ideals of America                                                               Start at 6:05

Episode-1183- Listener Calls 

How can we get the “older generation” involved with prepping                                                             Start at 48:27

Episode-1185- 15 Perennial Herbs with Medicinal Uses 

                                                                              Start at 8:56

Episode-1188- Survival Podcast Listen Calls          1:35:10


Determining when a car is no longer worth the repair costs

A flip side of last weeks show, older survival minded folks reaching 30-40 somethings                            Start at 1:42:50

Episode-1193- Listener Calls                         Start at 19:35


Getting kids and spouses on board with prepping

Episode-1198- Listener Calls

Council Member Frank Sharpe on situational awareness for children                                                             Start at 17:12

No DO NOT use wasp spray as a substitute for pepper spray                                                                 

A wife gets on board by seeing husband packing for camping                                                             Start at 48.53

Episode-1211- Listener Calls                       Start at 1:08:02

Special considerations for urban preppers

Episode-1214- Life After Awakening                 Start at 4:28

Episode-1228 – Sam Coffman on Scenario Based Training

                                                                              Start at 3:50

Episode-1231- Listener Calls                        Start at 1:15:43

What scenario is the most dangerous for TEOTWAWKI

Episode-1239- Listener Calls                        Start at  1:19:54                    

​Knowledge vs. stuff and skills vs. knowledge

The need to decide you are going to survive no matter what

Why not all members of the tea cup generation are tea cups

Episode-1240- Listener Feedback                     Start at 41:45

An email from a Type 1 diabetic with a will to live

Episode-1241- The Possibilities of Abundance in Spite of Modern Self Destruction                                     Start at 8:24

Episode-1242- James Wesley Rawles on Survivalism    7:34

Episode-1244- Listener Calls                             Start at 12:39

Spreading the word about gardening by showing and sharing

Episode-1249- Listener Calls                            Start at 24:25


Staying aware of first responder activity during a disaster

Staying in touch with family and friends when the grid is down                                                                    Start at 29:25

Moving from a focus on self reliance to a focus on self sufficiency                                                        Start at 1:31:21

Episode-1252- Doctor Steven Lewis and Janet Lewis on Supplemental Support                                         Start at 5:33

Episode-1257- WranglerStar on Transitioning to the Homesteading Life                                              Start at 16:01

Episode-1261- Listener Calls

Cooking with canned meats                           Start at 1:03:10

Lessons from an EF4 tornado                        Start at 1:31:14

Episode-1269- You Are Your Only Solution        Start at 7:40

Episode-1274- 14 Life Rules of a Modern Survivalist   10:18

Episode-1277- Listener Calls 

Thoughts on getting started gardening            Start at 16:44

The real purpose of modern survivalism       Start at 1:47:54

What is the deal with FEMA Camps and Halliburton 1:24:4

Episode-1287- Listener Calls


Thoughts on finding property when relocating            26:12

The risks of MRSA infections in hospitals       Start at 47:39

Episode-1293- Listener Feedback


When does  it make sense to break up #10 cans into  smaller portions                                                 Start at 52:22

Why the government is terrified of your apathy towards them

The real reason most people just accept the system

The truth about violence is that it is generally the manifestation of fear

How mob mentality can be a positive force

Why the government can’t do anything without the threat 

of violence

Why in spite of everything we have much to be hopeful about

Episode-1296- Daniel Rogers Prepping for Travelers     8:29

Episode-1299- The Open Source Model and Modern Revolutions                                                           Start at 7:40

Episode-1309- Wake Up the Zombie Apocalypse is Here

Episode-1311- Listener Calls

Trying to turn an MRE into a decent meal    Start at 1:33:57

Episode-1312- Listener Feedback

Dealing with venomous snake bites                Start at 37:02

Episode-1328- Listener Feedback

Conflicted Monday – knowledge vs. strength

You are in the game, but are you a player or a gaming piece

Episode-1330- An Evaluation of Prepping for the New and Seasoned Alike                                                    Start at 5:27

Episode-1336- Critical Thinking and Issue Analysis     5:44

Episode-1341- The Basics of Fishing Gear

Episode-1342- Fishing Rivers and Streams

Episode-1345- Fishing the Surf and Piers

Episode-1350- Fishing Lakes

Episode-1374- “Unconventional” Fishing Methods

Episode-1380- All About Cooking Fish

Episode-1937- Fishing For Food, Underrated Fish and How to Cook Them

Episode-2045- The Ins and Outs of Jug Fishing

Episode-2055- Fishing From Bar Ditches to Big Water

Episode-2243- Cooking with Fish and Seafood

Episode-1343- 11 Medicinal Herbs that are Also Perennial

Episode-1344- Listener Calls

Finding peaceful places for a mental reset   Start at 1:32:11

Episode-1347- Max Maxwell on Vehicle Maintenance and Prep

Episode-1348- Listener Calls

Why pauses, fun, mini vacations are important and how they might save your life                                   Start at 30:50

Episode-1359- Why Practical Preparedness Wins the Race

Episode-1360- Doctor Steven Lewis and Janet Lewis on Modern Nutrition

Episode-1365- Chris Haynes on Off Grid and Tiny House Living

Episode-1378- Listener Feedback

Thoughts on buying a used truck and not getting tricked

Episode-1382- Listener Feedback

Can a home with an unkempt appearance lead to more potential for break in

Episode-1387- Survivalist Fantasies vs. Stark Reality

Episode-1390- Listener Feedback


What you should make at home and what you should buy

Episode-1391- Designing Your Life for Personal Liberty

Episode-1394- Listener Calls

Where to start when designing a larger property

Episode-1395- Listener Feedback

Prepping is real world insurance in a way you may have never considered

Episode-1398- Mexican Joe on Prepper Networks and Homesteading

Episode-1400- Listener Feedback

How to eliminate debt and why it is key to family survival

Episode-1405- Listener Feedback

A real life modern story where Modern Survivalism paid off

Episode-1406- Well, Why Isn’t Everyone a “Survivalist”?

Episode-1410- 12 Herbs Every Modern Survivalist Should Grow

Episode-1413- 12 More Herbs Every Survivalist Should Grow

Episode-1414- Windmills for Water Self Sufficiency

Episode-1418- How Can I Find a Better Way to Make a Living

Episode-1420- Listener Calls

Communities, properties, neighborhoods and community defense

Episode-1423- Developing the Skill of Teaching

Episode-1430- Listener Calls

Making a land purchase decision that involves family

Concerns about over penetration for self defense in an apartment

What happens when parents provide safety vs. teach safety

Episode-1424- Mike Cornwell on Building a Business from Scratch

Episode-1437- Assessing Readiness to Real World Scenarios

Episode-1438- Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

Episode-1443- Jeff Yago on the Vulnerability of our Electrical Grid

Episode-1447- Listener Feedback

The real fear Ebola should put in the hearts of Americans has nothing to do with Ebola

Thoughts about being an organized prepper

How Ebola will be used to grow government and reduce liberty

Episode-1456- Sam Coffman on Herbal Medicines

Episode-1468- The World Won’t End but Your World Could

Episode-1486- 20 Simple Prepper Steps Every American Should Take that Most Don’t

Episode-1494- The Practical and Holistic Approach to Food Storage

Episode-1501- Listener Calls

Thoughts on dehydrators and dehydration for food storage

Episode-1506- Listener Calls

What effect will freezing temps have on properly stored dry goods

Episode-1519- Listener Calls

Making decisions about personal energy independence and alternative energy

Episode-1533- 12 Guideposts to Lifestyle Design

Episode-1539- Listener Calls

Copy canning, when do you stop, how much is enough

Episode-1546- Reclaiming our Mental Sovereignty

Episode-1553- Individual TEOTWAWKI and a Life of Freedom

Episode-1557- The Responsibility of being Prepared

Episode-1562- On Being a Sovereign Human

Episode-1564- Listener Calls

Mundane prepping is often the most important

Episode-1569- Listener Calls

Thoughts on lost relationships as your ideology changes

Episode-1570- Dr. Steven and Janet Lewis on the Link Between Soil and Human Health

Episode-1573- Forget Sustainable Be Regenerative

Episode-1576- Listener Feedback

Why a simple inverter is a top piece of prepping gear

Episode-1582- Why Blind Patriotism is a Greater Danger than State Oppression

Episode-1586- There is no Sovereignty without Mental Sovereignty

Episode-1593- Listener Calls

Equipping your vehicle for everyday emergencies

Episode-1597- Managing Chaos and the Permissiveness Epidemic

Episode-1601- Adam Katz on the Prepper Homestead Dog

Episode-1613- Food Storage for Modern Living

Episode-1614- The Danger of Nationwide Riots

Episode-1633- Listener Calls

Can informed advice still be bad advice, sure, a caller proves it with his own bad advice

Choosing proper life insurance and not being ripped off or lied to

Episode-1646- Let’s Talk About Liberty

Episode-1653- Listener Feedback

How to eat well when you are flat dead broke

Episode-1665- Listener Feedback

Making the break from employment to business owner with a reluctant spouse

Episode-1666- The Distinction Between Self Reliance and Self Sufficiency

Episode-1667- Paul Martin on a Culture of Preparedness

Episode-1673- The Basics of Food Storage

Episode-1674- Where Has Critical Thinking Gone

Episode-1680- Listener Feedback

How many bug out bags does a family need, what must be considered

The ins and outs of grinding meat and stuffing sausage

Episode-1689- Why You Should Become A Gun Owner

Episode-1691- Listener Calls

Thoughts on feeding neighbors in a disaster

Episode-1701- Listener Feedback

Thoughts on making fruit liqueurs at home

Episode-1702- The Challenges of Urban/Suburban Homesteading

Episode-1703- Joel Skousen on Strategic Relocation

Episode-1704- Listener Calls 

Weapon options and defense for those that can’t own a gun

Episode-1706- Listener Feedback

How developing skills has a bigger impact that you see initially

Episode-1707- Using Logical Methods and Function Stacking for Decision Making

Episode-1708- Chris Martenson on Resilient Living

Episode-1709- Listener Feedback 

What can you do for liberty and self determination in you own life

Episode-1712- Finding Your Version of Freedom

Episode-1719- Listener Feedback

A listener tells of his dramatic transformation in only two years

Are you the captain of your own life, if not who is

Episode-1721- Listener Feedback

Don’t ask to be yourself, be yourself

Episode-1722- Are You Prepared for Life

Episode-1726- Listener Feedback 

A LEO tells us how TSP has transformed his life and how he does his job

Do people fear freedom or do they fear its responsibilities

Episode-1731- Business Concepts, Mead Making and BS Inoculation

Episode -1733- Trevor Grice on Helping Children Deal with Bullying

Episode-1736- Listener Feedback

Storing cash without putting it in “the mattress”

Episode-1737- 10 Businesses You Could Start with Very Small Investments

Episode-1739- Listener Calls

I say follow your passion Mike Rowe says don’t, here is why we are both right

Episode-1748- Listener Feedback

How should a newbie approach basic food prepping, with out freaking out

Episode-1749- Financial Preparedness the Modern Survivalist Way

Episode-1751- Listener Calls

How long is too long for meat to be in the freezer

Episode-1756- Listener Calls

How to get started with a business when you know nothing about business

Episode-1758- Listener Feedback 

The Humble Mechanic is killing it, a TSP business success story

Episode-1759- Food Storage for Modern Survivalism

Episode-1763- Listener Feedback

How do you balance paying off debt vs. starting a business

Episode-1769- Making and Using Herbal Medicines

Episode-1773- Outdoor Cooking, Grilling, Smoking and More

Episode-1774- Terry Mulville on Off Grid Space Heating

Episode-1777- Listener Feedback 

A real world warning about being prepared to evacuate

Episode-1780- Listener Calls for 5-5-16

The survival mindset for real world disasters that effect YOU

Episode-1782- Listener Feedback

How do you handle push back from those who don’t believe in your goals

Episode-1783- 20 Items to Add to Your Preps if You Don’t Have them Already

Episode-1784- RV Living and Freedom From the Corporate Grind

Episode-1785- Listener Calls

Evacuation route planning in high density urban areas

Parenting as an anarchist, no rulers does not mean no rules

Episode-1790- Listener Calls

Thoughts on “stealth RVs” for hiding in plane sight

Episode-1794- Benjamin Ellefson on teaching Children the Value of Preparedness

Episode-1797- Training Dogs to Fit in on the Homestead

Episode-1804- Listener Calls

Thoughts on when to not be a hero

Keeping your guns safe from your kids

Episode-1812- The Twelve Planks of Modern Survivalism – 8 Years Later

Episode-1818- Dr. Steven Lewis on GMOs and Human Health

Episode-1819- Listener Calls

Thoughts on prepping for flooding

Episode-1820- 15 Items for the Prepper Kitchen and How to Use Them

Episode-1821- Doc Bones on Survival Medicine, Active Shooters and More

Episode-1825- Raising Resilient Children in a World Full of Wusses

Episode-1829- Listener Feedback 

A listener report on preps and a power outage

Dealing with heat waves when the power is out

Ways to preserve eggs without refrigeration

Episode-1830- Power Tools for the Homestead

Episode-1834- Listener Feedback

What is prepping, what is hording and why should you care about the difference

Episode-1847- Listener Calls 

Thoughts for the New prepper Dad

Episode-1851- Chris Haynes on Off Grid Tiny Homes

Episode-1852- Listener Calls

Jason from PA gives some advice to new fathers

How would you deal with mob violence surrounding your vehicle

Episode-1855- Electric Canning for the Busy Family – Food Storage All Year Long

Episode-1856- Societal Collapse with CJ Kilmer

Episode-1862- Listener Calls 

Dealing with toxic and negative family members

How reality can motivate preparedness

Episode-1871- Listener Calls

A women weighs in that “women are tough too”

Episode-1876- Listener Calls

Balancing family prepping with community living

Responding during a bombing if you are near it

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