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        Prepping with Special Needs Children and Adults

My Wife and I have a 20 year old non verbal autistic child. 

For new families of special needs children and adults that are in a panic over local and world wide events such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine I suggest taking a deep breath and feel the support of every one of the individuals and companies on this website and consider not taking their exact advice.  

Our situation is different.   We may not be able to bug out in a long term utility grid down situation.  The FEMA camp in a large city after it has been in operation for a year might be a good place to go and hang out for the coldest winter months.  They will have vision, dental and medical service and maybe even resbit and therapy for your special needs child / adult.

Our plan is to stay at our house ( Bug In ) as long as possible.

We are networking with neighbors who have different skills and we will be trading our service of food, laundry, outdoor shower and use of the out house for help with our child.

My projection is that you also plan on establishing a compound / trading post or support / set one up at the closest church or school in the neighborhood.

With Dave Ramsey's guidance, pay off your debts and find a house where the suburbs meet the farmland where you can have a well for drinking water and enough solar panels and batteries to run the well pump, furnace and wood stove. 

I do not recommend getting into homesteading.


Network with others to grow food and raise livestock.

Be ready to evaluate the unprepared who come to your door offering their skills and work them to death so they run to the FEMA truck when it comes by.

I do recommend getting training on medical, dental, off grid survival cooking and guns.

Look for people who can take charge of tasks that need to be accomplished and people to hold the hands of the fearful.



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