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                                The Utility Grid

I believe in the next Five to Ten years that a Terrorist or Rogue Nation will disrupt our internet banking system.  We will not be able to deposit our paychecks.  Our Debit, Credit and EBT cards will not allow us to withdrawal cash or make purchases of food, medicine or gasoline.

I believe in the next Five to Ten years that a Terrorist or Rogue Nation will disrupt the electric power grid for an extended period of time of months or years.  Water and Natural Gas are pumped into homes and buildings by electricity.  The water and natural gas companies have back up generators to keep the gas and water flowing      for a short term power outage. 

There are two ways they can disrupt the Electric Power and the Internet Banking Grid 
1. Destroy Key Links in the Power / Internet Banking Grid.

I am not going to give out the details on how this could be accomplished.  ​​

2.  Destroy the Power Gird with a Electromagnetic Pules         Nuclear Weapon  ( EMP )

Our power grid is vulnerable to a Coronal Mass Ejection     ( CME ) from the sun which would produce a natural EMP.  ​

A man made EMP can be created by exploding a nuclear weapon 40 miles above the target area. This would produce a none lethal to humans EMP wave of energy that would destroy the electric power grid and all micro circuity devices such as computers, cellphones, modern appliances that are plugged in.  

Airplanes have multiple back up system and will not fall out of the sky.  They may want to land quickly to check for damage.  Airports need to have back up control tower equipment in a Faraday storage container. 

The metal shell of an automobile will partially act as a Faraday cage and reflect some of the energy wave.

Cars and trucks that are not running at the time of the wave could survive. 

If you are driving when the wave flows over your vehicle it may stop running and the dash board lights may do crazy things. 

Have a professional driver on a closed course show you how to carefully move your gear shift from drive to neutral, coast and pull off to the side of the road.  Put it in park and try to restart.

Most vehicle should survive but even if one out of ten does not when you are driving they will be accidents and obstacles on the road.

I recommend Ted Koppel's book lights out.

I recommend reading the 2003 USA. Government EMP study report.

I recommend viewing the website of NASA scientists                  Dr. Arthur T. Bradley

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