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                                  The Inner City


If you live in the inner-city or a working-class neighborhood with a lot of houses close together you have to move because of the danger of bad guys the first month and decaying bodies the next.

I am encouraging the churches, mosques and synagogues in the inner city and the suburbs to get with the Mormon church on how they are prepping.   


I am asking these churches to be ready to bury the bodies of bad guys, unhealthy middle age people and senior citizens who only have a months worth of medicine and are in poor health.

I believe that Gang Members / Drug Dealers who live in the inner city are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs in a functional way.  They are sober when they do there illegal business. They sell drugs to the street addicts who do drugs every day.


Both groups will start to go into withdraw when they see that the grocery and liquor store has been looted and their expected shipment of illegal drugs dose not arrive. The people bringing the drugs will have turned around and traded the shipment for gas to get back home.

With out food, water, clean clothes and a cool or warm bed to sleep in these guys will be losing strength fast in addition to the withdraws.  Without electricity the gas stations will not be open.


The Majority of theses Bad Guys will not be able to travel any farther than the gas they have in their tanks.  They could find a car that has gas in it from someone who has died an use 1/2 that gas to drive as far as they can to do bad stuff and then drive back to their familiar neighborhood.  

Most of theses bad guys have guns and can use them in a surprise attack. They do not have any police / military training or equipment. They do not know how to clean their weapons or clear jams. There may be one bad guy in the city that sells bullets and repairs the guns.  How many bullets does this guy have ?  Bad guys will be using up the bullets they have to kill rival bad guys and killing severe drug addicts who believe the dealer has drugs and is keeping them for himself. 


Gun store will not be open or be able to be looted.

If they see somebody that has a generator, food and water they may kill them, eat up all the food and when they fall asleep the neighbors will come in and kill them.

With no electricity there will not be any streetlights or lights on in the houses or business. I believe the majority of bad guys going through withdrawal will not be able to travel at night.  They will be not be wasting their gasoline and energy attacking compounds far away, they will be attaching houses closer to home.

Due to their addictions I do not believe the majority of bad guys are going to survive more than a month after the event.


Con artist, jerks and thieves that do survive are going to be on their best behavior because they know they can not call the police to rescue them if they make someone angry.

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