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                                The Suburbs


The problem of the Suburbs will be living in a ghost town. The people who do not prepare will drive out of the area when the power dose not come back on, become stuck on the highway and taken to a FEMA camp.


The elephant in the room that the new preppers do not want to talk about is the fear of everybody in the area coming to your house asking for food, committing strong arm robbery or worse.


The average person only has a half a tank of gas in their car.  They will use it to get home, to warm up, charge their cell phones and drive around looking for a pharmacy or grocery store that has not been sold out or looted.  Some gas stations will have back up generators and will run out of fuel very quickly.  The Internet Banking Grid runs off electricity.  ATM's will not work.  The banks do have battery back ups to do transactions if they open and they will quickly run out of cash.   In a week everybody will be stuck where they are at with no cash or gas.

The people you need to be most concerned about are the people in your neighborhood.  Unhealthy senior citizens over 65 will be dead within a month or sooner when they run out of prescription medicine.   A shotgun blast over the head of middle-age people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs will move them along.  Tough decision will have to be made for the adults who have run out of there psychiatric medications and are in a delusional state running up to the house.  The people that I fear and want to help the most are the Moms and Dads of young children.  They will kill for food for their kids.  Here is how you can tell the difference between a looter / addict and a Mom and Dad ready to kill / die to save their children.  They do not run off with a shot gun blast over there head or a bird shot blast that knocks them to the ground they get back up and charge forward.

The solution is to prepare for the event with a one year supply of food, water, medical supplies, equipment, fuel, guns and ammunition.  While working your preparations visit with your neighbors starting with the parents of young children. Tell them you do not want to die at their hands and ask them to prepare.  Visit with the middle-aged and seniors after that.

 Help will get to everyone in the country within six months. Use your extra six months of supply to trade and save the lives of innocent children, special needs children / adults and their parents by setting up a compound at your house or supporting the compound at the closest church or school.

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