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                           Senior Citizen Death Patrol                                                and who will have more resources

              The isolated farmer or the Inner city family ?
In the short run a prepper farmer in the country does not have the problem of people asking for help. In the long run they may run out of supplies or get hurt.  

In the inner-city you are going to have lots of people with different skills.  If the churches and older families without young children create compounds, they can send out crews of men on the death patrol to bury the dead bodies.

Crew of Women can visit with the older people who are about to run out of medicine and ask them to get their wills together and find their good Tupperware container to bury their drivers license with them and then take all their valuables and put them in one room and nail the door shut.

These people are wise elders and they should be brought over to the compound for the nightly fire and should be used as teachers for the children.

The death patrol should visit these people daily and as soon as they pass away get them in the ground quickly and then take all their medicine, cleaning supplies and clothes back to another compound or incorporate there house into the compound.

Take care of that house, when the government comes by with extra gasoline pump the water out of the basement to keep the rafters from molding.  When the power comes back on paint the walls a neutral color to bless and honor the people who live and died there and for the donation of their house / belongings to the compound.

For senior citizens who fear the death patrol will be taking advantage of them now is the time to exercise / eat healthy and take an inventory of the skills you have to offer to the compound.  They should have the same supplies as young preppers and be ready to trade there supplies for hot food and fire wood

Cruise of men can burn the trash with Coals from the wood cooking fire. In extreme case they can they can hunt rats, squirrels, rabbits and possums to process the meat to eat.

In a river town they can push a light truck to the river, load up buckets of water and deliver them to the compounds for a trade.

Living in an isolated area from fear of what other people will do isolates you from FEMA and other relief organizations.

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