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                  The Five Prepping Stages of Denial 


     ( Hopefully Less of an issue after the Coronavirus )

1.  Laughter that this could happen.

2.  Feet Frozen in Overwhelming Fear.  


Fear of how myself and my family will survive when all the resources that electricity brings us stops flowing.

I belive that privately women fear that some men are going to turn into savages without the rule of law.  We will not be living in a area that has the rule of law when the electricity fails because there will not be any gasoline for the police, fire department or the EMS to come to your house when you call 911.  Women fear that spouses will be killed and then the bad guys will come after them and the children. 

Privately men have a greater fear of telling a woman or child that they can not help them then the fear of being attacked and killed by desperate people.

3.  Attacking the Messenger

By questioning his sources and credentials. Example. " You must have read that on the Internet and how can you speak about this when you do not have a degree in science, electrical engineering, medicine, psychology or herbal medicine ? "


This happens because the Message is Scary. 

4.  What is our government and the utility companies                 doing to prevent this ?

Arm chair quarter backs and anxious micro managers will ask our government and the electric, natural gas, water and Internet utility company. “What are you doing to prevent this ?  Are you following all the recommendations of the EMP commission ?  Do you need me to send you a copy of the report ? 

The statement behind their question is  " It is not my job to save myself or help hungry woman and children when the gird goes down.  It is the utility company and the governments responsibility.  Make sure this never happens.  So I will not be uncomfortable ! " 

5. Acceptance that working on a Shelter in Place and              Evacuation plan for these events is a good idea.

The Homegrown terrorist have information from the Internet on how our utility grid works and is laid out. They know how to attack it and are looking for the weak spot in our security.

They can find these by pretending to be a concerned citizens, searching media reports and asking the people who work at these locations security questions.  

Remember that  “Loose Lips Sink Ships” ( A World War II Warning ) Information can come out as innocent conversations with your children, family members, people at your church or organizations.  

For those who work at an electric, natural gas, water or internet utility company here is a polite and gossipy answer to security questions that will help you change the subject.

“My employer says we can't talk about that for security reasons and they are doing lots of things behind the scenes to protect and repair the gird after this happens.

They are worried to death about this because they know that people who have not prepared are going to blamed us. 

​There are over 2000 different electric utility companies in the USA and Canada that are responsible for maintaining their part of the grid.  Publicly they will say.  "We are very dedicated to protecting our section of the grid."  Privately they will say "We do not want the media and all those unhappy customers angry at us.”

Instead of being part of the problem by asking questions be part of the solution by honoring and blessing the people that work at the utility company.  They are working to prevent this from happening.


The utility companies have water towers and back up generators.  To maintain the back up systems requires  utility workers to leave there families unprotected from  bad guys and desperate people. 

Do not ask the utility workers to sacrifice their family because you want your life to be normal again.

Honor and bless the utility workers who will be leaving there family in the protection of the compound two months after the majority of the bad and unhealthy people are dead to start to get some service to the hospitals. 

My goal is to guide people through these scary and unsettling five stages of prepper denial

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