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                  Internet Banking Grid is Attacked

With a minimum two month prepper supply at home for a power outage and a half a tank a gas in your car to get home you will be prepared for an attack on the internet banking system.  The ability to deposit paychecks, pay bills or make purchase may not be restored for several week. 

There is not enough of cash on hand in the local banks to be given out for all the people to make all the purchases. 

Each gas station and grocery store may be able to buy one truck load with cash paid to the driver. After that they will not be any cash left in the city.

Instead of waiting on FEMA and the Red Cross to set up a place to get food and supplies you will have everything you need at home. The water, natural gas and electricity will be on. 

Set up and run your compound as you would if the power was out. When unprepared families ask for help, feed the children and work the Moms, Dads and Teens in the house, yard or help with projects in other compounds.


Check on the Elderly.  Trusted members of the group with guns will guard the compound in exchange for laundry detergent, hot meals and toilet paper.

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