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                   Religion, Politics and Social Issues  

The best way to prepare and get through the event is to set aside the subject of religion, politics and social issues until the power comes back on.


To do this you have to lay on the table the possibility that you have work to do when it comes to your mental maturity.

Maturity is defined by the ability to delay pleasure and to do the hard work of opening your mind to the possibility that a hundred years from now when you are in heaven and God walks by you ask him technically speaking which political philosophy conservatism or liberalism best served the people of United States in my lifetime ?  God shrugs his shoulders and says "Either way is fine." 

I believe the only way to open your mind to this possibility is to corral the emotions of mad, sad, glad, fear and the two types of shame which is being embarrassed or felling that you are a bad person.  

Your Unemotional King / Queen has to be in charge of researching and making your projections / judgments on these issues. 

Only your unemotional King / Queen can separate facts from opinions of the wild horses in your emotional corral and work with / help people who you judge to be poor and people you are jealous of because they have more money than you do.
We must be more concerned with saving the lives of children and special needs children than getting in the last word in on political or social issues argument.


 For those of you who claim to be atheist I judge the majority of you say that because you were not raised with religion as a child and you do not want some unseen authority telling you what to do or not to do. 

Practice avoiding the subject of politics with people that share your views.  Prepper Networking is with the whole family and there spouses may have different political and social issues views.

When you have a work project at your house or when you are teaching a prepper class say no political or social issues conversations while we are working together.  You could also exaggerate and say at my Grandma's house on Thanksgiving her rule was no political talk.

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