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                               What is a Prepper

The word Prepper is the new modern term for what we used to do in the old days.  Farmers grew food to eat today and to have for the next year if their crops failed.  They chopped firewood and repaired the roof for the coming winter.


The term Prepper also applies to what our grandfathers did when they built bomb shelters in the 1960s.  People living on the west coast prepare for earthquakes, Midwest prepare for tornadoes, east cost prepare for hurricanes.

Today's Preppers are joining the nature disaster group and are worried about our dependence on our modern heath care system, money and technology.  Could we survive several months without it ?

Prepping dose not have to be a doom and gloom subject or project.  Make a plan to prepare for the most likely thing to happen, such as a job loss or injury.  Instead of living a life and fun and dread by living paycheck to paycheck and having a hang over of how will I ever pay this stuff off, pay off all of your credit card debts and loans. 

Buy a house to fix up and sell it in a few years.  Develop carpentry and mechanic skills so you can do half of the work yourself.

​Plant a garden and buy and store food that will last for years and when a job loss occurs or a major expense comes up then you do not have to go into debt.  You will have money in the kitchen cabinet as food.  You will have gas in your cans that needs to be rotated out.  Pour that cash into your tank.

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