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               In the Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast

Below is list of episodes for new preppers.

I suggest starting with episode 1 and follow Aaron, Jason and Johnathon as they expand there prepper knowledge and skills.

Do a Internet search of the episode title to bring up a link.

E293: Fundamentals of the Survival Model Basic-8 Made Easy

E289: Water Storage for Preppers Simplified

E288: Meditations on Violence for Your Survival with Rory Miller

E286: What Does it Mean to Be a Competent Prepper

E285: Building a Bug Out Bag: Big 6 New Prepper Mistakes

E282: Your EDC Kits Made Astoundingly Useful

E281: A Simple Beginner’s Guide to Practical Preparedness


E276: No BS Emergency Medicine for Crisis Big and Small

E272: The Truth About Money and Preparedness

E271: Rory Miller on How to Win with Conflict Communication

E262: Building Systems of Survival Support

E257: The Weird Model Putting People in Danger

E250: Part III of 15 Lessons from 15 Years In Survival

E249: 5 Important Lessons from 15 Years in Survivalism Part II

E248: 5 Important Prepper Lessons from 15 Years in Survival

E244: Off-Grid Solar System Fundamentals for Bug Out Locations

​E229: How Electric Power Grids are Restored After a Catastrophe

E227: How to Make an Awesome Pantry for Disasters Big and Small

E224: Canning – How to Overcome Poverty 

E213: 6 Key Survival Skills Areas to Focus on Over More Gear

E210: 7 SHTF Life-saving Skills that May Save Your Life Today

E208: Understanding Bug-out Bags, Car Bags, and EDC Bags

E198: Prepping in Apartments and Small Places

E182: How to be Better Informed With Future Danger

E179: Better Physical Security through Targeted Safety Tips

E169: Strength and Conditioning for Preppers

E165: Apocalypse Survival Training with Sam Coffman

E155: Determining How Long to Prepare for Going                          Without Systems of Support

E153: Surviving Active Shooters and Crime

E143: Lessons from 60 years in Preparedness

E142: Rainwater Harvesting, Purification, and Sanitation

E136: Candid Conversations about Preparedness

E132: 7 Pieces of Prepper Advice

E123: Bad Preppers

In this episode, hosts Aaron and Jason discuss being a bad prepper. Or more appropriately stated, the dangers of being a disorganized prepper.

E99: Owning Your Survival

E98: Answering Common Survivalist Questions

E93: Prepping for Apartment Dwellers

E87: Building a Survival Community

E86: Prepared in 7 Days

E77: The Survival Doctor

E76: Effective Survival Partnerships

E75: Urban Survival Techniques

E74: The Relationship Between Liberty and Survival

E73: The Myth of Perfect Survival Solutions

E72: Preparedness, Self-Reliance, and Self-Sufficiency

E70: New to Preparedness

E68: Situational Awareness & Normalcy Bias

E67: How to Choose Survival Gear

E66: Survival Fitness

E65: Preparedness Mindsets

E61: 7 Deadly Sins of Modern Survival Planning

E57: Survival Gear vs Survival Skills

E56: What is a Bug Out Bag?

E55: Survival Planning and Strategies

E53: 3 Week Bugging In Supply List

E46: How to set Objectives for Survival

E44: Survival Mindsets and Decision Making

E42: How to Build a Survival Network

E37: Gear, POMs, & Survival Voices

E36: CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

E34: Staying Alive With Ron Davis

E33: 7 Habits Of Effective Living

E32: EDC (Everyday Cary)

E30: Personal Responsibility


​E23: TEOTWAWKI Discussions from Real to Crazy

Episode 22: How to Convince Others to Prepare

​Episode 20: Medical Myths With Ron Davis

E18: 5 EMS Sayings that Could Save a Life

E17: Redundancy

​E16: Survival Bags

E15: Self Sufficiency

​E12: Positive Force – Survival CHI


​E10: Food Storage Basics

​E9: The Most Important Survival Skill

E6: Generators For The Home

E2: Mistakes We Made Starting Off and How To Avoid Them

​E1: Knee Jerk Reactions & Joos Orange

 In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast Gun Episodes

James Price Gun and Personal Security Episodes

E113: James Price of Death Valley Magazine

E117: Mobile Scout School – Bug Out Strategies and Tactics for Preppers

E140: SpyCraft and Executive Protection Tactics Every Prepper Should Know

E191: Surviving Refugee Camp Hell

E210: 7 SHTF Life-saving Skills that May Save Your Life Today

E215: How to Secure Your Home Like a Professional Safe House

E217: Best Tactical Schools and Little Deadly Lies


​E239: Habits The Best Shooters and Professional Chefs Share​


        Regular In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast                                         Gun Episodes

E3: Basic Firearms Discussion

​E38: Project Appleseed

E54: How to Choose Guns for Survival

E96: Guns, Ammo, and Tin Foil Hats

E115: Ferguson, Police Militarization, and Liberty

E120: Riots, Guns, and Survival Priorities

​E145: Best 308 Semi-automatic Rifles

E153: Surviving Active Shooters and Crime

E170: Firearms Safety for Kids with Author Kermit Jones

E176: On Debating guns… Arguments Against Gun Control

E177: Racism, Gun Control, and Your Future

E202: Revolvers for Survival and EDC


E212: Determining How Much Ammo to Store for When SHTF or not

E235: No BS Practical Gun Training For Real World Survival

E296: The 7 Best Lessons from Professional Gun Slingers

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