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                           New Interest in Prepping 

The coronavirus pandemic, supply shortages including baby formula, ( What are We a Third World Country Now ? ), the war between Russia and Ukraine and rampant inflation have brought a lot of people into the world of prepping.


I suggest setting a goal of having a three month supply of food, water, medical supplies, fuel and equipment.

I belive Prepping is 80% Dave Ramsey and only 20% Jack Spirko.  Go to Dave's website first to work on your finances. 


Start prepping even if you live in an apartment so you can be ready to move to a house where you will not have to trust other people trying to keep warm and cook food from burning the building down.

Preppers like to highlight worst case scenario.  Prepping is also about every day real life and being prepared for a job loss, an unexpected car expense and having the ability to grab an opportunity when it present itself by not be tied down to a mortgage and credit card debt.

Please check out the podcast and blog post below.




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