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 I am Coming to Your House & Are Prepper Pirates Real.

I believe Women were created by God to be nurturers and

Men were created by God to be providers and protectors

of the innocent.  God also gave Men and Women the ability

to do both.


When a Lady sees another Lady Preppers pantry full of

stuff and she says oh my I am coming here she is not

serious.  It is her way of dealing with an overwhelming

situation that is being presented to her.

When a guy says I am coming to your house when the event happens he is trying act tough and block the feeling

of I am not a real man who provides and protectors the innocent.  He is not serious either.

Do not get mad when someone says they are coming to

your house. They are not talking to you.  They are having

an internal conversation between there emotion and there

rude speechwriter.  The King / Queen have not entered into

the mix yet. 

Use this conversation to show them what they need to

have to survive at there own house by telling them.

We would love to have you join us at our compound.  When

you roll up make sure you bring two trailers.  A camping

trailer to sleep in and store your stuff and the other trailer with five 55 gallon barrels of water, 200 gallons of gas, your generator and two years worth of food and medicine to

trade with us and other compounds.  

Guys that say to other guys I am not going to prepare I am going to kill people and take there stuff are acting tough in

front of us nice guys to push us away.

There are some serial killers / really evil, sociopath,

immoral people they will become prepper pirates.  This is

not something they are planning on doing or advertising. 

They will kill and take what they want.  These are about 5%

of the bad guys.  20% of the bad guys are not addicts or alcoholics they are professional thieves and drug dealers          who will be on there best behavior because they know if

caught stealing or dealing drugs they will be killed or 

thrown out of the big FEMA camp.  The 75% left are drug

addicts and alcoholics who will be dead in 30 days from

alcohol poising, overdose and gun fire.

Online trolls sitting in there underwear in there parents basement will say we are going to come to your house and

kill you and take your stuff.  My response is. "How are you

going to find my house with out the Internet, GPS or

gasoline. "  If you are serious about killing me then send

me a picture of yourself with your wife and kids in the background holding your paycheck stub and drivers license

while holding a letter saying that if the police can not

respond when you call 911 then we are living in a world

without the rule of law and I can do what ever I want and

not be prosecuted.  I will then forward the picture to your

local police department so they can have a conversation

with you on when they believe a world without the rule of

law beings and ends.


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