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                             Guns and Self Defense  

For new preppers who have never owned or fired a gun.  

Start off with a 8 chamber 12 gauge shotgun with 4 lethal buck shot shells loaded in the rear and 4 non lethal bird shot shell loaded in the front of the gun to fire first.

Second gun is a rifle that uses .22 caliber bullets.

Third gun is a revolver that uses 9 millimeter bullets.

The most popular and plentiful ammunition that can be traded after the event is 12 gauge shot gun shells, .22 caliber bullets and 9 mm bullets

Invest your time as well as money in firearms.  Know how to own, carry, store, shoot, clean, maintain and clear jams.  Take classes on theses topics and police / military firearms training.

Do not try to be a lone wolf hero during the first month of a utility grid down situation.  Women and children will be safer in the compound protected by many shot guns.  

The idea of leaving my house, my castle and taking the family to the compound will be very hard thing for a man to do. 

Barricade the front door from the outside this to deter looters.

Organize a rotating guard duty of men to watch three houses at a time while the others are in the compound.  


Ask the Ham radio guy in your group which portable ham radios to buy and put in your Faraday box.  Use theses radios to communicate with the other guards and compounds when some drives up the road.  

The day and night time safety director need to evaluated everyone fire arm skills and run the gun training and friendly fire avoidance program for the Men and Women in the compound.   

Ask yourself am I ready to have the gun with the lethal buck shot kill shells ?  Can I kill someone to protect the compound ?  Do I have the confidence in myself and trust with the other guards to tell the bad guy to stop or be killed when I have non leather shells and let the other guards who are more experienced have the kill shells ready in their gun ?

If I could acquire some bullet proof vest for the Mothers in our group they would make better kill shot Guards.  They will not hesitate to kill to protect their children.  

The most dangers person to charge a house with one guard is a mother or father who needs food for their young children. 

How can you tell the difference between a parent and a bad guy.  I may be naive and I believe most bad guys are not Ladies.  If a Lady appears to not have experience in charging a house and is carrying a weapon in a untrained way and a warring bird shot that knocks her down and she gets up and continues to charge then she or he is willing to die trying to get food for her children.


Bad guys will retreat.  They are not willing to die to get food.

Check with the gun range if they rent guns to practice with there and have classes.

I suggest Ladies who were not raised with firearms go to gun range and ask to sit with gun guys to absorb gun culture and if they ask who did you vote for in 2016 you could say. " You will find out when you get to heaven."


There will be several teachers in this group of guys who will answer your question about how they deal with taking a life in self defense, the issue of gun recoil and noise.  


New Gun Ladies should also listen to his podcast


Jeanna Cournoyer 

Real World Self Defense. Gun and Fighting for Preppers

​Take a martial arts class. This will give confidence that you can defend, your self, your children and your compound. 

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