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Convincing your Spouse that Prepping                                is a good idea.


A very popular question in the prepper community is how do I get my spouse on board with prepping.  

Read this section below on marriage and the four directions. You need a good foundation of communication and conflict resolution skills in your marriage to talk about these issues.  

Most marriages are divided into two categories the nerd and the free spirit.  Know which one you are and identify your spouses strengths and your weaknesses and how you can work on this project together.

Do not being an evangelist on these issues.  Understand that you have been thinking about this for years and your wife is resisting this new idea / hobby of yours. You have done lots of research and she has not moved forward on this. You are 10 steps ahead. 

Accept in your mind and heart that if the event dose not happen your wife may never fully understand what you were preparing for until you are both in heaven where she will give you a big hug and say. "Now I understand how dangerous of a situation we were in and thank you for keeping me and the children safe."

When the event dose happens she will not be in shock and will say to herself  "OK my husband was right.  Now what is our plan ?  She will jump into action because she knows what you would do and she see the tools and supplies that you have ready. 

Prepping is not just about the power grid failure, pandemic or natural disaster it is also about preparing for a job loss, becoming injured with lots of medical bills and paying off debts.

Prepping will pull people and hopefully marriages away from the lifestyle of living paycheck to paycheck.

Listen to and then ask / trade with your spouse to listen to the podcast above.  These guys are good calm teachers and the message will flow more smoothly into their ears than from you the anxious spouse. 

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