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                        Social Chaos and Looting

The term social chaos is rudely lumping together peaceful protesters with out of town paid protesters and local bad guys looters.

For people to do any of this they have to have a good night sleep, water for a shower, clean clothes and food.  

The attack on the utility grid remove theses luxuries. There will be looting of closed stores and unoccupied homes for drugs and items that can be sold when the power comes back on. The energy and gasoline in theses bad guys tanks and stomach will not last long.   

New Preppers often start out prepping from a place of fear of what other people are going to do after the event. This comes from hyped up local new coverage for ratings of bad people doing bad things and from watching prepper movies and TV shows.  In these fictional stories the writer creates a very strong super human villain bad guy for our hero to overcome.  I believe that that when you prepare from a place of fear you automatically believe that these characters are real. 

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