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Jack Spirko "The Survival Podcast"

I have selected the best episodes for new preppers


Do a Internet search of the episode title to bring up a link.

Episode-1886- Samuel Culper on SHTF Intelligence

Episode-1889- Listener Feedback

How to set priorities and organize your time when it comes to projects

Episode-1895- Developing the Skill of Self Leadership

Episode-1908- Listener Calls

An important survival lesson about hospitals and emergencies

Episode-1910- Listener Feedback

An update on our prior segment on emergencies, hospitals and ambulance service

How over reliance on your preps can bite you in the ass

Episode-1911- You Have a Duty to Be Prepared

Episode-1913- Listener Feedback

When do you take a “side hustle” to full business status

A new, simple, cool, easy way to meet the new neighbors

Thoughts on a concept like “prep failure of the week”

Episode-1914- The Challenge of Getting Others on Board with Prepping

Episode-1916- Listener Calls

Balancing the reality of dangers with logic and reason

The advantages of bug out locations (second homes)

Thoughts on lightly used refrigerators and freezers

Episode-1920- Camping for Becoming More Prepared in Life

Episode-1923- Making Homemade Liqueurs and More

Episode-1927- Listener Feedback

Prepping pays off in a “everyday” disaster for a TSP listener

Balancing prepping with minimalism

Episode-1931- Listener Feedback 

Dealing with school bullies, what is a parent to do

Episode-1934- Listener Calls

When to get law enforcement involved with child bullying

Another TSP listener launches a business

Storing produce in larger quantities

Episode-1939- Listener Calls

Could technology be the solution to bullying

Episode-1941- Listener Feedback

Why we enjoy discussions when we disagree with a person

​The danger of going way over board with prepping and projects

Episode-1942- Edible Ornamentals – Growing Food in Plain Site Even in an HOA

Episode-1947- Spirko’s 12 Rules of Business

Episode-1952- Before You Can Follow Your Passion – You Have to Find It

Episode-1957- The Beginners Guide to Growing Food

Episode-1959- Listener Feedback 

My rules for dealing with contractors

Episode-1964- Listener Calls

Canning meat and following procedure to the letter

Food storage in warm and humid climates

How to choose a car for your needs

Episode-1966- Listener Feedback

Why prepping the wrong way leads to falling out and being unprepared

Preparedness for “snow birds” or anyone who lives seasonally

Being prepared pays off for a listener and his family

Episode-1968- Listener Calls

The answer to “I don’t need to prep, guns are all I need, I will take what I want”

Episode-1970- Listener Feedback 

Selecting ammo for newbies

Episode-1972- 20 Things Every Child Should Know How To Do By Age 14

Episode-1976- Why I Switched to Aquaponics

Episode-1981- Stranded Vehicle Successful MacGyver Stories

Episode-1985- Listener Feedback

Would you pay $1,000 a month to live in a bus, here is why someone might

How do you set pricing for any product or service

Episode-1986- Perennial Vegetables for your Homestead

Episode-1987- Urban Survival with “Pat Watson”

Episode-1988- Listener Calls

What is the urban rural fringe and what makes it so awesome

The dangers of bad doctors

Episode-1993- Listener Calls

Storing diapers for SHTF in more ways than one

The difficult decision of putting parents into a care facility

The consequences of changing words and their definitions

Episode-2000- How Liberty Creates Inequality and Why  that is Good

Episode-2002- Listener Calls

Getting rid of and treating poison ivy

Episode-2004- Listener Feedback

Dealing with lack luster garden production

Episode-2011- Listener Calls

A listener describes a treatment for poison ivy

Episode-2014- Bennett Tanton on Prepping and Working with Veterans

Episode-2015- Listener Calls

To self dehydrate or to buy dehydrated foods

Episode-2029- Listener Calls

Tips on securing your home

Episode-2031- Listener Feedback

Motorcycles as a back up vehicle

How to be a disciplined saver, vs. looking for a trick to save money

Episode-2032- Planning Your Future When the Future is Uncertain

Episode-2033- Benjamin Page on The Pillars of Wellness

Episode-2042- Listener Calls

Avoiding the self employment trap as an entrepreneur

Episode-2047- Listener Calls

Dealing with wasp stings

Episode-2062- Listener Calls

Buying a home with an existing farm/enterprise on it

Getting started prepping for 100 bucks

Bugging out with small children

Episode-2078- Listener Feedback

How to “bug out” to a hotel

A listener shares her story about how the TSP community has helped her

Episode-2096- Decision Making with Logic and Reason

Episode-2101- Dr. Ken Berry on Lies Your Doctor Told You

Episode-2112- Listener Feedback

What I do when it comes to deep frying

Choosing a grinder, adding fat and best grinding practices

What specifically makes “processed foods” so bad for you

Episode-2117- Steven Harris and Jack Spirko on Bug Out Trailers

Episode-2137- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 2

Episode-2160- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 3

Episode-2176- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 4

Episode-2200- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 5

Episode-2214- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 6

Episode-2247- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 7

Episode-2266- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 8

Episode-2355- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 9

Episode-2379- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 10

Episode-2401- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 11

Episode-2125- Getting Started with Herbalism

Episode-2132- Listener Calls 

Getting started as a new prepper without being overwhelmed

Episode-2134- Choosing Excitement and Abundance over Gloom and Doom

Episode-2138- Listener Calls

Thoughts on lethal force and duty of retreat

The economics of Uber by an Urber Eats driver – #workthesystem

The parenting of young children in the modern age

Episode-2149- Listener Calls

Pricing work for friends when you are a professional service provider

Why do I think there will be no EMP attack ever

Episode-2152- Food Production on Small Properties

Episode-2154- Listener Calls

More on doing professional work for “friends and family”

Dealing with “survival fatigue” note not “prepper fatigue”

Thoughts on the potential of work place violence and the aftermath of it

Lessons from the fake missile alert in Hawaii

Episode-2156- Listener Feedback

How to get on the same page with your spouse about debt reduction

Making decisions about expanding a business

Episode-2161- Listener Feedback

Why investing in yourself is always a solid call

Thoughts on your “net wealth”

Episode-2170- Listener Feedback

What I learned by asking the question, what is the true age of adulthood

The danger of dependency with the illusion of security

Episode-2172- Ted Kehl on Heating with Wood

Episode-2178- Listener Calls

Changing technology and building a YouTube channel

Homesteading as a renter

Episode-2180- Growing Children in the Garden

Episode-2183- Listener Feedback

A bug out bag success story

Thoughts on small scale wind power

Episode-2185- Listener Feedback 

A simple preparedness success story

When to turn a side hustle into a business entity

Episode-2186- Homesteading, Side Hustles and More

Episode-2189- Listener Feedback

Dealing with conflicts about property use with neighbors

Growing food indoors for an apartment dweller

A preparedness success story

Episode- 2196- The Mindset of the Warrior Poet

Episode-2199- Listener Feedback

Choosing a “better job” with lower pay

Episode-2202- Libertarianism, Anarchism and Resource Conservation

Episode-2215- Survival Secrets of the CIA with Jason Hanson

Episode-2216- Listener Calls

Getting into food production fast on new property

An on the ground report on the volcanic activity in Hawaii

Episode-2220- Doc Bones on Modern Threats, Active Shooters and More


Talking about walking to freedom with a reluctant spouse

Episode-2228- David Benard on his Journey to Self Sufficiency

Episode-2235- Total Freedom Though Honest Personal Branding

Episode-2237- Listener Feedback

Getting a family on a budget, “one team one dream” is the way, the only way

Should we be teaching our children to be more like a spring then a tea cup

Training a dog when you have small children

Episode-2253- Dillon Allen on Nuclear Power, Anarchism, Urban Prepping and More

Episode-2254- Listener Calls

Best practices with road flares and night time break downs

What is the “best” method of gardening

Picking a homestead tractor

Security for large acreage homestead properties

Episode-2260- Listener Feedback

What a new infectious disease report tells us about pandemic threats

Episode-2261- Getting Kids Excited About Prepping and Learning

Episode-2263- Listener Calls

Negotiating the best salary you can get going in to a job

Spreading the seeds of responsible gun ownership in children

How to over winter peppers

How you actually calculate how many days of food you have stored

Episode-2270- Listener Feedback 

How do you develop the eyes of entrepreneurship

Killing poison ivy with a vinegar IV

Thoughts on a “fishing class” for kids – aka herding cats

Episode-2271- The Most Valuable Skill Most People Are Never Taught

Episode-2272- Darby Simpson on Farm Business Essentials

Episode-2275- Listener Feedback

Is truck driving a good monetary on ramp for young people

Planting suburban fence lines with productive perennials

Episode-2276- Back Yard Aquaculture for Beauty and Food Production

Episode-2277- Forest Management on the Homestead with Nathan Kay


Episode-2278- Listener Calls

Thoughts on BOB food beyond granola and jerky

How to place a value on a small business

A word or two on safety with grills

Episode-2281- James Burnette on Tiny Houses for Survival

Episode-2282- Listener Calls

Living life on a well, what precautions should you take

Choosing between RO water filtration and something like a Berkey

Episode-2285- Patrick Roehrman on Escaping the Rat Race

Episode-2286- Listener Calls

Techno anarchy, truth in media and conspiracy trolls

More on tiny houses and lifestyle freedom in various ways

Running a gun business when you don’t want to sell guns to strangers

Building priorities passive solar and basements

Episode-2289- Practical Homesteading in the Modern Age

Episode-2294- What You Do Matters

Episode-2295- EDC Wearable Survival Gear with Dustin Hogard and Nick Blackman

Episode-2299- The Basics of Being Prepared for Most Things – Part One

Episode-2303- The Basics of Being Prepared for Most Things – Part Two

Episode-2300- Shawn Mills on Solar Power

Episode-2311- John Moody on Frugal Homesteading

Episode-2312- Listener Calls

Choosing a domain name in regard to dot com, net, etc.

Testing your food for nutrient density, is it even worth it

When is the right time to start promoting a side hustle

More on dogs, friends and irrational behavior

Episode 2314- Listener Feedback

I should not have to say this but do not back feed a generator to the grid

Using facebook to promote your brand/business

Getting off to a good start at a new job

Episode-2315- Why Lifestyle Design is For Everyone

Episode-2319- Listener Feedback

Are candles for a black out still relevant in the world of cheap LEDs?

Dealing with children with a “victim mentality”

Road side assistance coverage vs. AAA and rental coverage

Getting started canning

Kerosene Heater Maintenance

Episode-2320- Ten Basic Preparedness Questions Answered

Episode-2322- Listener Calls

Emergency contingencies in a high rise office

Getting family buy in on self raised meat

Episode-2325- Listener Feedback 

Thoughts on using phyical cash, the good, the bad, the impractical

Episode-2327- Listener Calls

Follow up on fire danger in a high rise office building

Episode-2335- Listener Calls

What should you do when a ambulance running code is behind you

More on active shooter issues in office buildings

Episode-2337- Listener Feedback

If you could only get one gun for hunting, training and plinking what would it be

Why adding a very small amount of saline improves cocktails

Episode-2339- Nick Loper from

Episode-2347- Listener Feedback

Of prepper groups, organization and tin hats

Episode-2348- Self Ownership Over Political Activism

Episode-2349- Doc Bones and Nurse Amy

Episode-2352- Listener Calls

Improving the efficiency of a fire place

Episode-2354- Listener Feedback

Why I now cook almost exclusively with carbon steel cookware

Episode-2357- Listener Calls

How to grow a tools collection and what not to buy used

Saving for you kids and building life establishment funds

Understanding facebook vs. Google for marketing a business

A listener gives an example of life offering no guarantees

How do you insure your family’s future as an entrepreneur


Episode-2360- The Power of the Side Hustle and Winning with Money

Episode-2364- Listener Feedback

The real lesson of the government shut down have a plan B

Of taxes, side hustles and 1099Ks

Thoughts on multiple income streams vs. multiple businesses

The struggle with fighting confirmation and perception bias

Episode-2366- Listener Calls

Getting your kids into a side hustle vs. a j-o-b

410 shot shell hand guns for home defense

More on staying informed about dangers during a flash flood

When does a side hustle need to either go full time or be scaled back

Episode-2371- Listener Calls

The importance of happiness in your life

What exactly is a modern renaissance man or polymath

Advice for a first time home owner

Episode-2394- 20 Herbs to Grow

Episode-2396- Listener Calls

When, when not to and how to set up a LLC or Inc

Developing the skill set for a project management position

Finding others who are interested in prepping and self sufficiency

Food storage without large amounts of carbohydrates

How to find a good CPA for your needs

Episode-2399- Individual Insurrection and Personal Freedom

Episode-2404- Container Gardens for Food Production

Episode-2405- Bryan and Laura Emerson on Life in a Fly In Only Location

Episode-2407- Listener Feedback 

The potential of pandemic/epidemic and the commonality of disaster

Thoughts on monetizing a hobby with social media

Episode-2409- Fast, Affordable, DIY Off Grid Building with AirCrete

Episode-2410- Listener Calls

Light and heat when starting plants indoors

Balancing time with family against other demands on your time

Episode-2412- Listener Feedback

What do people most want relative to their careers, it appears to be time

Balancing helping neighbors, barter and resource limitations during a SHTF

Thoughts on gun security, safes, nervous spouses and more

Setting an improvement budget for a house you are going to sell

Episode-2417- Listener Feedback

Is your side hustle a business or a hobby

Thoughts on leaning self defense techniques like martial arts

Episode-2420- Listener Calls

Building economic strength into a new marriage

Episode-2422- Listener Feedback

Staying motivated on the long path to debt freedom

Episode-2425- The Lost Art of Developing Life Skills

Episode-2427- Listener Feedback

Organizing local groups based on TSP ideals

Episode-2430- The Death of Personal Responsibility

Episode-2432- Listener Feedback

Creating mutual aid groups or how about simply networks

Episode-2433- Understanding Systemic vs. Natural Capitalism

Episode-2434- Melissa Clark on CBDs and Assuring the Safety of CBD Products

Episode-2437- Listener Feedback

How one listener took a TSP episode’s advice and turned it into 2K in free money

A lesson from the Ebola outbreak that really has nothing to do with Ebola

Developing responsibility in children using chores and allowances

Episode-2438- Walking to Freedom and or Escaping the Rat Race

Rural law enforcement vs. suburban/urban law enforcement

Fire considerations with a multi story home

Some considerations with underground structures such as buoyancy

Keeping up with technology when your position isn’t tech heavy

How can you apply “the problem is the solution” to government

Episode-2443- Financial Strategies for the Modern Survivalist

Episode-2444- Joel Karsten on Straw Bale Gardens

Episode-2448- Gary Collins on Decluttering Your Life

Episode-2449- Listener Calls

More on finding a good primary care MD and why its difficult in the first place

Is there a coming food crisis, it depends on how you define crisis

Episode-2452- Setting Up a Secondary Property (BOL)

Episode-2453- Joshua Sheets on Surviving and Thriving in an Economic Collapse

Episode-2454- Choosing the 6 Basic Guns that Cover 99% of What Anyone Needs

Episode-2462- Listener Feedback

When do you need to get insurance for a side hustle

My favorite books on sales and business

Selling the Invisible – Harry Beckwith
Swim with the Sharks – Harvey Mackay
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
The Psychology of Selling – Brian Tracy
Good to Great – Jim Collins
7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey
Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek
Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach
The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield

Episode-2463- Six Laws to Live Your Life By

Episode-2465- Listener Feedback

Follow up on side hustle insurance and a caution on leased vehicles

Episode-2471- 25 Items that Should be in Your Vehicle at all Times


Episode-2478- Listener Calls                          Start at 1:02:30

The trouble with out of site out of mind ( prepping food and equipment. )

Episode-2488- Listener Feedback

What do you do if you end up in an active shooter situation

A lesson for above, how gun owners saved a fellow shooter during an accident

Thoughts on “doggie doors” in regard to security, energy, etc

Episode-2489- Dealing with Life’s Transitions

Episode-2490- Growing Food in Small Spaces

Episode-2493- Listener Feedback

How could a libertarian make a difference on a town council

Rebuilding if you have lost everything

Dealing with suspicious activity on your property boundary

Episode-2494- 10 Low Carb Meals and How to Make Them

Episode-2496- Listener Calls

Going back to work after a long period of unemployment or being a solo entrepreneur

Episode-2503- The Keto – Low Carb – Paleo Gardener

​Episode-2506- Modern Survivalism and Your Six Primary Survival Needs                                                                                                

Episode-2511- Freestyle Day TSP                     Start at 54:43

The rising danger of drone warfare

Episode-2515- Listener Feedback

EDC ideas for a delivery driver who can’t carry a “weapon”

A Prager U video on how the government made us fat

A free market success that made a bad situation a little better

Why PPE (personal protective equipment) belongs in your life

Episode-2516- Total Lifestyle Health for Modern Survival

Episode-2521- Solutions to Some of Our Biggest Problems


Episode-2522- The Serenity Bus Project with Brian and Sherry Hamons

Episode-2523- What if Everyone Did What they Most Want to Do

Episode-2525- Listener Feedback

The math alone says you should be a prepper

Episode-2529- Listener Feedback 

Health risks of indoor grow lights

Dealing with insect pests in the house, including the

painful stinging kind


Episode-2532- More about the Toolbox Fallacy

Episode-2537- Listener Calls

The real danger of “everybody knows” thinking

The concept of the perimeter defense rifle and solutions looking for problems

Episode-2539- 12 Basic Prepping Questions Answered

Episode-2540- 10 Life Skills We Should Teach Every Child

Episode-2555- Planning and Skill Development in the Coming Down Time

Episode-2560- Raised Bed Gardening for Dummies

Episode-2580- 5 Laws of Life For Personal Freedom

Episode-2592- Integrating Nature into Our Lives

Episode-2594- Listener Feedback

Can there be a downside to being a “tacticool” prepper if you are ever arrested by the police

Episode-2595 – Projects for Home Learning for Wanna Be Home Schoolers

Episode-2597 – No One Will Give you Anything in Life & That’s Great

Episode-2604- The Expert Council   2-21-20   Start at 45:30

What might we see from 2nd amendment show downs like Virginia – Officer Steve Wise.

Jack Spirko comments on new proposed gun laws in Virginia.


What the media and the left fail to understand about he

concept of “the boogaloo” – Jack

Episode-2606- Topic Round Table Discussion with Nick Ferguson

Episode-2607- Curtis Stone on Living Free on the Land

Episode-2613- Why Homesteading is one of the best “Preps” you can Make

​Episode-2616- The Lessons America Should be Learning from CoVid-2019

Episode-2620- James White on Hydroponics for Small Space Growing

Episode-2621- Nicole Sauce on Side Hustles during the Crisis

Episode-2624- Now is the Time to Grow Your Own Food

Episode-2625- Stories of Off Grid Living, Adventure and ReGen Ag with Eddy Garcia

Episode-2626- Simple, Fast and Easy Kratky Hydroponics for Growing Food

Episode-2629- On Cooking with Your Preps

Episode-2630- Keeping a Family Cow and Still Having a Life

Episode-2631- A New Look at Back Yard Livestock

Episode-2636- John Bush on Boosting Immunity and CoVid-19 Impacts

Episode-2638- Listener Feedback

Freezing vs. canning as a vegetable storage solution for excess garden production

When you go into market gardening but realize how much work it really is and don’t know what to do next

Episode-2641- A New Look at “Bug Out Locations” in the Context of Pandemic Threat

Episode-2644- Establishing Your “Why” for Homeschooling

Episode-2649- Tim Cook on Starting a Handy Man Business

Episode-2652- Backyard Ponds for Fish, Fun, Food and Frogs

Episode-2653- Developing Your Personal Recovery Plan

Episode-2658- House Hunting in a Buyers Market

Episode-2659- Insurance for your Home and Homestead

Episode-2663- Developing Your Personal Counter Economics Game Plan

Episode-2664- Derek Malenczak on Improving your Mental Health

Episode-2668- Joseph Simcox on Edible Plants of the World

Episode-2669- 12 Really Cool Plants Inspired by Joseph Simcox

Episode-2671- 12 Easy Productive Summer Plants and the Best Ways to Store Them

Episode-2678 – The Ultimate Conversation on Children and Technology

Episode-2681- The Problem is the Solution if you Correctly Define the Problem

Episode-2683- Jeff Yago on Prepping for EMPs and CMEs

Episode-2684- The Time to Build Independent Income has Long Since Come

Episode-2704- Resist Domestication and Become a Feral Human

Episode-2705- Emergency Management Planning with  Chris Gilmour

Episode-2709- Eggs the Back Yard Protein that Fed Americans for Generations

Episode-2710- Carla Gericke on Strategic Relocation to New Hampshire

Episode-2711- 24 Bullet Proof Plants for the Back Yard Hunter Gatherer

Episode-2713- Nicole Sauce on Lessons From the CoVid Pandemic

Episode-2719- 20 Skills and Actions you Really Need for the Coming Future

Episode-2722- Round Table Topics for 8-31-20

More on my message to stay out of this conflict and get out of the cities

It isn’t just about not getting physically hurt, it is also about your investments

Episode-2723- An Introduction to Permaculture Design Principles and Zones of Design

Episode-2724- There is a Better Way to do This

Episode-2728- Finding your Why and your Passion

Episode-2731- Liberty By Lifestyle Design

Episode-2736- Back Yard Aquatics as a Permaculture Design Element

Episode-2737- Dr. Ken Berry and Jack Spirko on the Proper Human Diet

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