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                             The Four Directions

For Women and Men living in the USA their number one

goal in life, second if they have children, is the desires

for the latest fashions / gadgets, expensive house and cars.

Part of prepping is to be ready to step away from that and

to face the uncomfortable possibility of being months or a

year without utilities, Internet, dining out, sports teams, television shows and movies.  This will be interrupted if

we get hit with Nationwide.

Prepare your mind body, spirit and bank account for being

with out theses things for several months as you work on

your shelter in place and bug out plans.

There is a tool we use in therapy group which is to imagine yourself sitting at the head of a four person board room


Then we take out of ourselves all of our emotions which are mad, sad, glad, fear and the two types of shame and we

created an emotional person who looks like us.  We place

them in the chair to our left and we call that person the emotions of the east.

We then we look south to chair in front of us and we take

out of ourselves the part of us that is the take charge drill sergeant.  This part of you that says we do not need to

read the directions or have a plan. We are just going to

make this happen. This is still you.  What do you look like ?

Then we look to the right the direction of the west and we

take out of ourselves the part of us that is the planner,

speech writer, organizer, manipulator for good or bad. This person says to the drill sergeant no no no we are going to

have a three hour planning meeting where we will read the directions in English and Spanish to make sure they match


The last direction of the North is you.  The Unemotional

King / Queen. By bringing these parts of yourself online

and in focus you can see who is running the show. It is

easy to say step back and look at the big picture. The

problem is whos eyes are you looking through ?

The unemotional King / Queen of the North can look at the

big picture, admit they were wrong or did not have all the information about a particular subject.  There is no risk

because there is no emotion.

In prepping and life in general make sure that the

unemotional King / Queen is in charge and giving orders

to the speech writer and the drill sergeant.  These are crafty

and dangerous parts of yourself to be left in the hands of

your emotions.

When it comes to prepping you could have shame that you

are a bad person because you can not help a woman or


You could have the part of shame that is embarrassment

that you bought advanced prepping items before you got

the basics in place. 

You could have fear of living temporarily in a world without

the rule of law.  I believe the number one thing that that

women fear is being assaulted and the number one thing

that men fear is not being a protect there wife and children.

You could be mad at the politicians left and right who

appear to have passed up chances to address these issues.

You could have joy over the unpacking of your new food dehydrator and at 10:45 at night you see your neighbors

lights are on and knock on their door and say "Bring some

food over. Let's try it out."

To prepare your Spirit I asked you to read the Sacred

Scriptures of your childhood religion from any unemotional adult space.  I believe that scriptures that do not lift people

up are miss translated or do not come God.

To prepare your Mind I ask you to Imagine yourself 100

years from now in heaven having your favorite snack and

drink with your friendly debate partner and God walks by

and says “ That looks delicious. May I join you ? “

So God gets an order of each one of your items. So as God

is digging into both dishes and drinks and has cheese

dripping from one side of his month and then takes a gulp

of your favorite drink you say.

"Tell me God which political philosophy was better suited

for the people of United States in our lifetime conservatism

or liberalism ? "  In between gulps and bites he says

“Either way is Fine.”

That answer surprises you.  You ask another question.  My friendly debate partner here says taking position X on a hot button issue was unhealthy for me. Were they technically speaking right or wrong ?  God Replies " Well sometimes

your debate partner make some good points. Can I have the recipe for this dish ? “

This is a polite way of asking you to open your mind just a

crack to the possibility that 100 years from now in Heaven technically speaking things might look different than how

you look at them now.

I'm asking you to prepare you Mind to think outside the box

in an unemotional way. To choose to have peace and joy in

your heart and take peace and joy into a very stressful

utility grid down situations, where we are not going to

know what happen to our extended family and friends.


People are going to die and we are going to drag out their bodies.  We are we going to find a special needs child

sitting in a wheelchair because his grandparents parents

died and there will be other orphans to take in.  


I am asking you to give the hot button issue to God so they

will not be in the way of working with people in your

prepper network before and after the event.

To prepare your body and bank account you are going to

have to agree with and live by the definition of maturity is

to delay pleasure.  The pleasure of items and activities that

give you immediate satisfaction.   


When you save up $1000.00 for an emergency fund and

you list your debts smallest to largest to pay them off, then compound interest in your growth stock mutual funds is

your friend instead of your enemy with 24% cash advance interest on credit cards.  With Profit / Savings in your bank account you will have cash in the bank to pay for

unexpected expenses.

With an emergency fund of $2000.00 you can just leave the emergency area because you are not living paycheck to paycheck.  By eating healthy, walking up and down the

street visiting with your neighbors on there prepping plans

your stomach shrinks and you got more oxygen in your

blood stream.

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