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                            Living Life in Rural Iowa


                                     Erica Nygaard    

     Homemade Chili          A Winter's Delight


Winter Preparedness:     Getting Ready For          Snowstorms and                 Blizzards

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     Homemade Chili          A Winter's Delight


Winter Preparedness:     Getting Ready For          Snowstorms and                 Blizzards

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Laziness will Kill you (Literally & Figuratively)


In Order to be a Better Prepper you must do Hard Things

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    We are Nine Meals           from Anarchy

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5 Ways To Prepare and Adapt To An Ever-Changing Political and Social Climate

Five Ways to Teach your Kids Situational Awareness 

Seven reasons to stockpile oats for food storage

Seven Ways to Save Money on Your Laundry!

Eight Ways to Avoid Frugal 

Three Prong Approach to Food Storage: How to Make Sure You are Covered foe All Situations

Eight ways to make over your food storage - The need to improve your food storage.

Nine Ways Food Is Money (And Better Than Money!)

Ten Lessons Learned About Food From The Depression and Wartime

10+ Vegetables you can grow & store without canning or freezing


10 Ways to Battle the Biting Insects and Mosquitos no matter where you Live​

10 Ways to Combat Inflation at the Grocery Store

10 Ways To Prep When Real Life Gets In The Way

10 Ways You Can Be A Self-Reliant Prepper

12 Areas You Need To Address Whether You Are      Prepared Or Not

12 Canning Supplies You Should Be Stocking Up On All Year Round

12 Reasons why you should be Thrift Shopping

12 Must-Do Homesteading Tasks for the Fall

12 Steps To Take To Deal With (or Prepared For) Any Financial Emergency

12 Safety Tips for College Students 

12 Tips To Help You Get Started Living Self-Sufficiently

12 Ways To Beat Supply Disruptions

22 Ways You Can Live A More Sustainable Life

25 Ways To Save Money on Food and Groceries

30+ Cookbooks and Manuals You Should Have on Your Reference Shelf for Your Homestead and Your Preps​

30 Things you can do on your Winter Homestead

35 Things you need to be Prepared for Winter

60 Ways to Save Money Today

Bartering: How it works, How it Should work and Why it Doesn't work​

Decide, Plan, Prepare: How To Start Getting Prepared Practically

For Women, Prepping Is More Than Just Being Prepared

How Can You Financially Prepare For The Next Collapse?

How I Plan To Offer Hospitality and Build Community Before The World Goes To Hell​

How to Can Fresh Peaches

How To Prepare For A Second Lockdown At Home

How Uncomfortable Can You Live To Save Money and Still Survive?

Have You Trained Your Kids To Work? What Will They Do When A SHTF Happens?

How To Deal With Prepper Overwhelm

How to Prepare for Rolling Blackouts and Power Outages

How to Work From Home During A Lockdown and Prepare For Another Lockdown

Improving Soil with Chicken Litter

Is Propane ( and other Fuels ) a Good Idea for your Preps ?

Laundry: What Should You Store and What Do You Need To Consider?

Let Go Of The Things That No Longer Serve You (And Have More Room For Your Preps)!

My 10 Favorite Frugal living Financial Books to Read and Give

My TOP 10 Frugal Living Hacks that will help you save Money Everyday

Prepping Is About The Little Things

Procrastination is a Preppers Biggest Enemy!              Here is what you can do about it

Scarcity Mindset and Hording: Two Trauma Responses that Can Derail your Preparing

Self-Sufficiency 101: Pressure Canning Green Beans

Soap is a Prep you should never be without

Start Your Spring Garden Now by Planting Garlic, Onions, and Shallots

​Stockpiling Fuels: The Right and Wrong Way To Do It

Stuck In Your Vehicle During A Snowstorm? 13 Things You Need To Do To Survive!

"That Wasn't So Bad" and Other Lies You Tell Yourself

The Dirty Truth About How To Start Homesteading


"Use it up, Wear it out, Make Door Do Without":  The Need to Learn Skills and Learn to Make Do

We Built A New Chicken Coop: The Why, How, and What We Changed To Keep It Secure and Multipurpose

What Causes Food Supply Shortages and What Can You Do About It?

What This Prepper Buys: The Dollar Tree Food Storage Edition!

When Personal OPSEC Interferes With Talking About Prepping

Why and How You Should Be Stockpiling Clothes

Why and How you Should use Back to School sales to get Prepared and Stockpiled.


Why You Should Consider Stockpiling or Find Alternatives For Your Creature Comforts


Winter Preparedness: Getting Ready For Snowstorms and Blizzards

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