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                                     Faraday Box 


A Faraday boxes reflects the electromagnetic pulse bomb high voltage electrical charge wave that will overload and fry all of micro computer devices even if they are not turned on or plugged in.

First Year preppers need to create a Faraday box out of two short 5 gallon metal trashcan.  Wrap up in tin foil all your old video games, am, weather and two way radios, old laptops, tablets, ham radios and cell phones with their chargers and cables and place them in the can. Seal the can with aluminum tape. 

One can should have the games, radios and out date electronics.  Once the can is sealed it should not be opened until the event happens.  The other can should have your back up external hard drive, portable ham radios and any other electronic item that you will training with or using frequently. 
Before sealing the can test it by placing your cell phone in it and a battery operated am radio tuned to the strongest signal in your town.  When you place the lid on the can the radio will stop playing and the cell phone will not ring. 

Second year preppers need to build a Faraday box big enough to hold small TV’s, desk top computers and flat screen monitors.  This one can have a heavy lid that makes a seal when closed. 

Second year preppers also need to build a Faraday box to protect the generator.

Third year preppers should Invest in a car cover Faraday blanket to protect the computer and other electronics in your bug out vehicle. 

Here is a link of a NASA scientist. testing this device.

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