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                  My Prepper Mission and Solutions            


My mission is to save the lives of the innocent children, special needs children and adults from the next pandemic and when the Power Grid is disabled for two years to all or two thirds of the continental USA.  I also want to guide New Prepper and Old Prepper through their fear of what other people are going to do.

Other things to prepare for are a disruption of the internet banking system, an economic collapse, and a pandemic virus that has parts of the county quarantine in there houses for months and a natural or man made disaster in this county or overseas that could disrupt the medication, water, food and fossil fuel supply.

Some Families that have been prepping for years still prepare from a place of fear.


Husbands and wives look at this issue differently and they have to come to an agreement on how much risk they want to take and sometimes one spouse is still in the state of laughter while the other spouse is working through their fear.

Due to the good work that the CIA and FBI are privately doing to stop these plots against the power grid and the security measures that utility companies have put in place have kept us from being attacked and this gives us time to go through the process of becoming fully prepared.

When you go into your second and third year of prepping I hope that you can prepare from a place of Joy that you survived to see the power comes back on instead of fear of what other people are going to do.

The solution is for every household to have a years worth of food, water, medical supplies, fuel and equipment.  

I am asking Men over the age of 45 to step into their elder energy and start networking with special needs and single parent families to gather them in compounds to protect them from groups of looters and bad guys from outside the neighborhood and drug seeking addicts inside the neighborhood for one month.  After a month the majority of theses people will be dead or out of gas to travel.

I believe Ladies fear that the men will be killed and the bad guys will come after them and the children.


Men you were created by God to be providers and protectors of the innocent.  

Ladies. Please take a risk and look at the Ladies Preppers drop down menu. 

The solution is for every county school corporation, church, mosque and synagogue in your neighborhood and across the USA to gather up supplies to establish a mini FEMA camp after the event happens.  This will give FEMA time to establish and fully stock camps in the larger cities.


Theses Mini FEMA camps will need twenty-five 55 gallon drums of water, a truckload of canned goods, two generators, 200 gallons of gas, medical supplies, propane tanks and grills.


These large and small FEMA Camps need to paint in bright orange " HELP '" on the parking lot. This will help our National Guard, Red Cross and relief agency from around the world to see where to air drop and deliver supplies. 

I Hope and Pray that the churches who already have a food bank program to help the poor will expand their food bank to include survival equipment and supplies.

For spiritual and disease control reasons I want to bury all the bodies of the senior citizens, bad guys-drug addicts and alcoholics who will die from alcohol poisoning in the first month and prepare the elderly for death when they run out of medication and support the drug addicts going through withdrawal.  

The Mega church should buy a small backhoe and a 500 gallon diesel fuel tank to bury theses bodies.  Smaller Church's and compounds need to have lots of shovels.

I believe that 25% of the populations is concerned and or already prepping in private. I am asking theses individuals to support and network with other families, compounds and mini FEMA camps at the church.

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