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 Nine Books by Jim Cobb

Prepper Non Fiction Books

Prepper Medical Block 1

Prepper Medical Block 2

Prepper Medical Block 3

Prepper Medical Block 4

 7 Books by Jim Cobb

 7 Books by Rick and Jane Austin


Books by ​​​M.D. Creekmore

The Backyard Homestead Five Book Series

 More Prepper Books

The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods by Nicole Apelian

Z For. guide.jpg

   The Meals in a Jar   

by Stephanie Petersen 

z meals jar.jpg

Grow It, Save It, Use It

  Grow It, Save It, Use It


   Living On Almost 

          Nothing                    by Amber Storck


   Prepper Princess


Tactical Lock Picking
      by Pat Watson


                              Prepper Kids Books 

 45 Outdoor Activities             for Kids

z Morgan 45.png

Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Great Things to Do in Nature Before You Grow Up

z kids oval  lite orange.jpg

The Rainy Day Activity ( Cook ) Book

rd activity.jpg

    Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids

z KIDS White.jpg

 Kids Survival Guide: Practical Skills for Intense Situations

z kids pint size.jpg

   Ultimate Survival             Guide for Kids

z ultiment kids orange.jpg

         Survivor Kid             Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival

z Survival kid.jpg

                         Prepper Fiction                         


   A Great State. Book Series by Shelby Gallagher

          The Divide             by Shelby Gallagher

z SHELY GS 1.jpg

      The Aftermath         A Great State, Book 2

z SHELBY _.jpg

        The Rescue          A Great State, Book 3

z SHELBY 3.jpg

299 Days Books Series 1-10 by Glen Tate

     The Preparation
  Book 1 by Glen Tate  

z 299 1.jpg

         The Visitors            Book 5 by Glen Tate 

z 299 5.jpg

       The Restoration         Book 9 by Glen Tate 

z 299 9.jpg

        The Collapse          Book 2 by Glen Tate

z 299 2.jpg

   The 17th Irregulars      Book 6 by Glen Tate

z 299 6.jpg

     The 43 Colonels   Book 10 by Glen Tate

z 299 10.jpg

      The Community         Book 3 by Glen Tate

z 299 3.jpg

  Change of Seasons      Book 7 by Glen Tate

z 299 7.jpg

      The Stronghold          Book 4 by Glen Tate 

z 299 4.jpg

            The War                Book 8 by Glen Tate

z 299 8.jpg


After the EMP: The Darkness Trilogy by Harley Tate 


After the EMP: The Chaos Trilogy by Harley Tate  

Days of Want (6 book series) by T. L. Payne 

Edge of Collapse (6 book series) by Kyla Stone

Alone: Beth Ann's Story of Survival: Equipping Modern Patriots, Book 0
by C. M. Hollerman, Jillian Yetter

EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots:    Books 1-3                      by Jonathan Hollerman  

EMP Interruption Series (4 book series) by Kip Nelson

Gateway to Chaos. 4 Book Series by T. L. Payne

Hunted: A Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller.                  6 Book Series. by T. L. Payne



Lights Out – by David Crawford

One Second After, One Year After, The Final Day    by William R. Forstchen.  The John Matherson Series.

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

by James Wesley Rawles 

The Preppers by David Frederic Larson

Surviving the Fall Box Set: The Complete Surviving the Fall Series, Books 1-12 by Mike Kraus and Chris Abernathy

The Changing Earth Series by Sara Hathaway


458 Miles and 24 Days:

The E.M.P. Chronicles, Book 1

by Oz McTatey, & Captain Jim Hammond

The E.M.P. Chronicles: Book 2: A Life Without Power
by OZ McTatey & Captain Jim Hammond

The Off Grid Survivor (4 book series) by Connor Mccoy

The Preppers: An electromagnetic pulse knocks out the Midwest's power grid. 
by David Frederic Larson

The Survivalist (10 book series) by Agery American

The Survivalists (12 book series) by Arthur Bradley

The Watchman by Arthur Bradley and Greg Tremblay


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