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                            Organize your Home


Organize your house by getting rid of your junk and donating to Goodwill your office and social function clothes that are out of style.  Save all your jeans and sweatpants.  Save your children clothes.  They can be given to the orphans which you will be taking in.  Clean out the basement and garage.  Put up shelves. Move valuables out of the basement which will flood from rain water when the electric is off to run the sump pump 

                         Fill your Storage Tubs


Buy lots of large storage tubs from Wal-Mart.  This is just as important for people living in apartments.  Have this stuff in tubs ready to go on the trailer / pop up camper to bug out or move to the new house.  Go to Dollar Tree / Everything’s a Dollar.  Start loading up on food, over the counter medical, toilet paper, kotex, medical / dipper supplies for infants and cleaning supplies that you use in one year.  

Do not be overly concerned about expiration dates on food and medicine. Do not buy name brand stuff the first year other than Children's Tylenol and Benadrly.  The Dollar Tree ibuprofen will only have 10 pills in the bottle.  Buy as many as you can carry.  This stuff is great for long-term storage and bartering. 

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