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Stroller Races at the FEMA Camp



When the East Coast Power Grid is taken down, all the major cities will have FEMA camps in them.  One of the exciting things to do in the FEMA camps will be the Stroller Races.  Imagine your Childs team preparing for competition, well maybe not necessarily your related children or your stroller.  

To win at the stroller races you have to put together a team of children and equipment from the residents of the FEMA camp you are living in.  You will need a jogging stroller, a strong teenager with good running shoes that fit and a one year old baby.

Think of the pride and the prizes of extra Internet time and extra food if your team is successful and of course you and the participating family members could travel to different FEMA camps for regional competition and the championship race.

So Moms if you are not going get into prepping and living in the FEMA camps for a few years is something you are looking forward to now is the time to start practicing for these races. 

You will have to have several jogging strollers with bicycle tires ready to go. Get your teenager ready to push and have lots of bike helmets for the baby and some extra padding.  Babies love this bouncing around in the stroller while practicing in the neighborhood.


Stroller race practice will have to scheduled around the babies nap time.  


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