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   Large Hotels & Restaurants can be Mini FEMA Camps

I am asking the hotel and restaurant industry to start making plans to be a Mini FEMA camp when the event happens. 


For hotels the main danger is fire. Children, elderly and special needs children have to be housed on the lower floors.  People who go up to the second floor do so at there own risk.  There will be no fire department rescue. 


Larger Hotels need to install a 2000 gallon propane tank and retrofit there back up generator to run on propane and natural gas.  They need to buy a Faraday blanket to lay over the generator to keep electromagnetic pulse from destroying the controls.

Larger hotels could also go to the extreme route of installing a well pump to pump water and a filter system to clean the contaminants if the hotel is in the city.


Smaller hotels need to have 12 volt pumps ready to pump water out of the swimming pool and then run it through a filter sink. 


Large restaurants near a large hotel need to network with the hotel in renting a storage unit to store 300 gallons of gasoline, two large generators, propane tanks and grills.  On the hotel property they will need six 275 gallon IBC caged water tank, a truckload of canned goods and medical supplies.

When you get the prepper bug ask your employees who live in apartments to bug out to the hotel with there families when the event happens.  Make up a contract that they will work 8 to 12 hour shifts while the other parent is watching the children for a certain amount of compensation.  

Send your gun prepper employees to training and buy the ammunition.  Ask them to put together a plan and shift rotation to secure and protect the perimeter of the hotel compound from anxious people and the surviving bad guys.

Take an inventory of your prepper employees.  You will need drill sergeant people to take charge and you will need hand holding people to calm and process fears.  Theses two types of individual will need to work the following areas, first aid, childcare, elder care, special needs child care, food, water to drink / cook, water for flushing the toilets and running the equipment.

If we are lucky the terrorist will only knock out the power to a major USA city for one year.  This will cause every one to become preppers.  Before this happens and after I am asking hotel and restaurant mangers to use there management and engineering skills to set up supplies and training for when they hit us again. 

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