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Dating & Marriage Life Coaching Service

In this dating service there would be no pictures, no swiping, no hooking up and no fun.

This would be more Christian Pre-Cana Marriage approach than Tender 

Before any information is exchanged lots of free Life Coaching will take place.

I will coach the guys on their immaturity when it comes to their mind, body, spirit, and bank account.  We will also work on what went wrong in their last relationships.

With the Ladies I would need to see there I target pro draw and shoot numbers and the video of them in the self defense class attacking the guy in the bite suit.

Dating apps are usually 2/3 guys so my goal on this would be to make sure the Guys are not Jerks and that the Ladies are not Wallflowers.

Some of you may be thinking Is this guy serious or is this a publicity stunt?

I am mostly serious. 


My goal is to help Women and Men have happy and healthy relationships and marriages with the people that God puts in front of them.   


My matches may not be involved.

The positive outcome of this partial publicly stunt is to get preppers to choose to apply the open-mindedness that brought them into prepping into all areas of their lives.  Instead of retreating or retailing when you are in a conflict with your spouse, think about how this problem can be a solution and an opportunity for growth?  Can we let go of the desire to win the argument by getting in the last word.

We can also apply these skills to dealing with stressed out neighbors in a SHTF situation. 


One of my new things I learned in life coaching school is dividing people into three different states of mind.  The Closed Minded Authoritarian Parent, Open Minded Adult and the Child who wants to have fun or complains about chores or eating spinach. 


The best place to be is the adult.  We can fluctuate between all three and be healthy.


If you are an authoritative wife and you have a husband who wants to play video games then you need to move to the adult who is going to manipulate him for a good cause. Ask him to join you in a prepping project or let us trade activities.  Teach me how to play this video game and have togetherness.  Then ask him to join you / trade let us build a raised bed to have healthy food, put up shelves in the basement for stuff and find a prepping hobby that you both enjoy.


The popular question from guys is. "How can I get my Wife on board with prepping" 


I am asking the guys to let go of the idea that they’re going to have a marriage like Jack & Dorothy or Doc bones and Nurse Amy.  They may have to wait for you to get to heaven then your Wife will come, put your arms around you and say "Thank you honey for keeping me and the children’s safe. I'm sorry I couldn’t understand this while we were alive.


Guys while you’re on this earth you may have to trade.  You might say I want to go to Prepper camp and you tell your wife well let’s go together and you and the kids stay at the hotel with a pool during the day and then say I won’t go stay there all night drinking and having fun with the guys I’ll come back soon so you can go shopping.









Please check out the Marriage & Prepping Podcast page and Prepping In Marriage and Divorce page for skills to keep your marriage healthy or both of your homes ready for a SHTF situation 

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