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                   The Compound and the Mini FEMA           

                        Camp at the Church / School  


I am asking people in their 50s who have been prepping for a few years and have overcome there paralyzing fear of what other people are going to do who own a large house, garage and barn to answer the call of the compound.  To set up their house in a way that can accommodate women and children in the middle of winter.

I am asking theses families to start networking with special needs and single parent families in the neighborhood to protect them from looters from outside the neighborhood and drug seeking addicts from inside the neighborhood.

Special needs children / adults, regular children and senior citizens can be cared for during the day at the home or the church compound while others work at there houses, work on firewood, grow food or hunt and fish.

The compound can provide two meals a day and wash clothes in exchange for guard duty, food, water, firewood and other supplies.


The shift from being a private person to welcoming people into your house will take some time.  Stretch yourself by hosting the monthly prepper bonfire and organizing the preparations for the compound at your church and school.


Leaders of the Church, mosque and Synagogues with no school cafeteria need to bury and bless the bodies of the senior citizens and bad guys.  90% of theses people will be dead in 30 days.


The Mega church should help with this by buying a small backhoe and a 500 gallon diesel fuel tank.   


I am asking every school and every church, mosque and synagogue that has a cafeteria to gather up supplies to establish a mini FEMA camp after the event happens. They will need twenty-five 55 gallon drums of water, a truckload of canned goods, two generators, 200 gallons of gas, medical supplies, propane tanks and grills. 

These mini FEMA Camps need to paint in bright orange " HELP “ on the parking lot.  This will help our National Guard, Red Cross and relief agency from around the world to see where to air drop and deliver supplies.


               Who is going to be in Charge of this 

                              Mini FEMA Camp

Every church mosaic and synagogue that has a school and the public schools need to make plans to keep the students warm and feed until there parents come to get them. Children whose parents do not make it to the school alive need to be taken to the mini FEMA camp.

Every principal and pastor of schools and churches needs to be a saver of lives as well as educators and saver of souls.

There are preppers in the schools and church community who are going to build up the supplies, equipment and training. They will have an action plan for the pastor / principal and any volunteers to follow.  A group of gun preppers can keep the perimeter of the compound secure.  These guys will work shifts between helping the church / school compound and protecting there own. 


The FEMA workers will come from the mature untrained families who have not prepared for the event.  The Pastor will need training in evaluating leadership skill in people who are in shock. The Pastor will tell theses people to snap out of it and do this job to save your own life and others.

You will need drill sergeant people to take charge and you will need hand holding people to calm and process fears.  Theses two types of individual will need to work the following areas, first aid, childcare, elder care, special needs child care, food, water to drink / cook, water for flushing the toilets and running the equipment.

Take an inventory of peoples skill that they use everyday for work and as a hobby. Assign several to each task and evaluate who is reliable and has the best skills.

Churches, mosaic, synagogues and the public school corporation for the county needs to have saving the lives of the innocent on the radar screen. The public school corporation needs to have supplies at every school and a plan on which facility would best be suited for the mini FEMA camp.  The site chosen should be near a stream or a lake to use the water to flush the toilets.  This site should be on a high elevation so the waste water from the restrooms will flow down hill.

The county public school corporation needs to have at every school a whole facility back up generator or a medium size generator and 200 gallons of gas, new medium size deep freezer to preserve the food in the walk in freezer and take care of the student and staff stuck at the school.

Every principle needs to take responsibility to get those reaming food, supplies and equipment to the mini FEMA camp facility.


Parents, concerned citizens and members of the church need to ask the leaders of the church and the school board to prepare for a long term power outage and be open to the idea of allowing them to place emergency supplies in the public or private school closest to their home and set up a min FEMA camp there to take care of the residence in the neighborhood who did not prepper and the small amount of people who use the last of there gas or find an abandoned car with gas to drive to the suburbs to ask for help. 

While they are warming up to this idea groups of prepper families need to combine there money to buy more supplies and be ready to make a decision on what is more risky trespassing / taking over a church or school building to set up a mini FEMA camp run by mature unprepared families and taking the risk of it burning down and being responsible for that or telling good desperate people that you can not help them.


I have a problem of wanting to ask for forgiveness second instead of permission first. I am working on this by sending letters to the church and public school corporations about being prepared for this event.

Another saying that I am fond of is “It is better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.”

A lot of insurance companies are going to declare bankruptcy because they will not be able to cover all the claims when this event happens.  We can not assume that they will be able to collect from the insurance company if the building burns down.  I hope an attorney can argue that we were living in a world without the rule of law and theses organizations will not sue us from a public relations point of view and if we repair any minor damage to the facility.


Ever households needs to start prepping and have the same supplies in place as the church.  There is no exemption from prepping.   I am more concerned about innocent children and special needs children and I want the elderly and middle age people to survive to help save the innocent.  I would rather you be part of your solution than your dead body being part of the problem

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