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​My goal is to save the lives of innocent children, special needs adults and children by asking there parents " If they think it is a good idea to cancel there homeowner insurance after their mortgage on their home is paid off or to drive without auto insurance if it was not illegal ? "  

The goal of this question is to compare the understood need for insurance with new idea of having a shelter in place or leave the affected area plan.  

To survive a long term utility grid down event the tools that you need to sharpen and organize are not in your garage but in your mind. 

Those tools are a Healthy and Mature Mind, Body, Spirit and Bank Account.

Maturity is the ability to delay immediate pleasure and gain pleasure from hard work. It will take work on your maturity to be able to step away from this lifestyle and plan for a different type of lifestyle for months or years. This will not be fun.

I judge myself and everyone reading this to have room to expand their maturity on issues of Mind, Body, Spirit and Bank Account.

These are the areas that I struggle with.  


I am asking you to Choose Curiosity instead of Anger. 

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