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                         Reunited with Children

Create a plan to be reunited at home with your teenagers or younger children.  

A different plan is needed for summertime and school time that involves grandparents and other family members.

Schools must have a plan on how to deal with a EMP worst-case scenario or a regional attack on the power grid.  

If your school or daycare does not have a medium size generator, 100 gallons of gas, several 55 gallon drums of water and food you may have to provide these items yourself.  Groups of parents can get together to buy these things. 

See if your local city, county or school emergency response teams have a plan.  Join the PTA.  Get elected to the school board to advocate for a plan.  Visit the Principal to get permission to store the emergency items on the schools property.

If your child goes to daycare ask the daycare teacher " Will you take care of my child for the rest of his or her life if I do not make it make it home ? " This is a good way to get them to take this seriously.  You have to use a positive magician trick to install fear to get over there laughter in denial. 

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