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Networking with your Neighbors

Spend the first year privately prepping and working on having a mature mind, body spirit and bank account and your bug out / shelter in place plans in place.

If you live in the suburbs or the country and have crazy neighbors you may have to fix up your house to sell for a better shelter in place home.  When looking for a new house ask someone in the neighbor which houses have crazy people in them.  Sit down with a talk therapist, clergy or wise elder and ask them if you could be the crazy one who dose not know how to be a good neighbor. 

In the second year of prepping join  Start visiting with your neighbors and have a once a month prepper bonfire where the guys sit outside drink beer, tell lies and talk about there mechanical preparations.

The Ladies could sit in the living room drinking wine and disusing current events in neighborhood and discussing their mechanical and nurturing plans.

Men and Women need to be cross trained on inside and out outside operations.  I believe there are guys and gals who are ready to switch seats. They should organize and drag each other to cross training prepper compound classes.  

I want women shooting the guns and men inside the house cleaning, changing diapers, doing the laundry, cooking and teaching the children.

While networking with your neighbors use your four directions unemotional critical thinking skills to evaluate their gold and shadows.  

Are they reliable, do they have a substance abuse problem, what skills do they have, what problems will be made worse by the stress of the event ?

Keep a note book with one page for each house in the neighborhood.  List what they do or did for work and there hobbies.  List there children's ages and your judgement of their gold and shadows.   Unless you spouse is a gossip you should discuss your judgement to weed out your own shadows and projections.  

People are who they are and do not change.  The goal is to set boundaries against their bad behavior and put them in places where they can help the compound the most. 


Below is a article from Ready Man Prepper Supply on how two prepper guys put together an Emergency Preparedness Fair for there neighborhood with great turnout.                      

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