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                                           Immersion Life Coaching

Have you ever met a Conservative, Liberal, Prepper, Parent of a Special Needs Child or Gun Owner ? 

Do you work with, go to church or do social activities with these strange individuals ?

How about trying out Immersion Life Coaching. 

I can answer all your questions in a very calm, non-projecting or advocating way.

If some of this information is too far out there then we can work on identifying what is at risk to let these ideas into your mind / world view and then you can move on to a therapist who can help you resolve those issues.

When our electric and Internet banking / information grid fails for an extended period of time we will have to be able to work with one another without these lack of a connection issues getting in the way. 

My fee is $40.00 an hour and the first hour is free.

If you are interested in Immersion Life Coaching click on the Calendly link.

Or send me an email at

Rob Ralston

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