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                                      Lady Preppers 


Nurse Amy


Alana Barfield     

Women in Survival

Alaska Granny        

Amy Dingmann               A Farmish Kind of Life


Farm, Field, and Firearms with Amanda

​Ann Scott            A Farm Girl in the Making


Amy Digmann

A Farmish kind of Life   

When You Just Want to Sit in Your Barn and Drink Beer

When it all makes you Mad


Bernie Carr   Apartment Prepper

Cat The Herbal Prepper 

Cherie Norton

Christa Swart ​       Prepsteaders

What to do when the Toilet Paper is Gone and a Woman's honest review of Wysi-Wipes

Daisy Luther           The Organic Prepper

E224: Canning – How to Overcome Poverty and NOT Kill Your Kids

E227: How to Make an Awesome Pantry for Disasters Big and Small

Denali Gillen    Mom with a Prep

Doomsday Prepper Jewelry

Gaye Levy     Strategic Living

Using Essential Oils to Manage Blood Pressure

Jeanna Cournoyer     Fight Back Fit



Real World Self Defense.  Gun and Fighting for Preppers

Jenn Fowler       Frugal Upstate

Jen Pitino   The Urban Chicken Podcast

Jennifer Ess of “Rainy Day Food Storage”


Jill Winger    The Prairie Homestead

​​Julianne   Dirt Patch Heaven on YouTube​




Karen Morris          A Year Without the Grocery

Katie                   Good Patriot     

Kelly Mauher               Real Best Life

Kris Bordessa                     Attainable Sustainable

Easy Vegetables to Grow: (Almost) Fail-Proof Vegetable Garden for Beginners


Kyt Lyn Walken, professional tracker and contributing writer

Bug Out Bag Advice for Women

Katie Wells      Wellness Mama

My Natural First Aid Kit & Remedy Cabinet

Leslie Ferrier

Reselling on eBay and other e-commerce platforms, transporting dogs, dog sitting, and small engine repair

3D design and printing with husband Brad


Lettie Loo        Liberty All Day​​


Laurie Long        My Life in a box


Laurie Neverman                Common Sense Home

Cooking Hacks You Can Use In the Kitchen Today – Interview with Laurie Neverman of Common Sense Home

When the power grid fails.

Linda, Kendra, Rebekah & Tara   New Life on a Homestead   Use the search box to look up

76 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar in and Around the Homestead

These 44 Pioneer Skills That Are Still Relevant Today


Matter of Facts Podcast


The Ladies of Prepping 

Marjory Wildcraft    Grow Network​

Melissa K Norris      

13 Pantry Items to Always Have on Hand


Melissa W.      Honey Bees Kitchen and Mercantile

Natalie Bogwalker ​  Wild Abundance​

Nicole Sauce       Living Free in Tennessee

Holler Roast Coffee

Episode 167: Remember Not to Take Things Personally

Episode 381 Organizing Principles Community

Perky Prepping Gramma


Prepper Princess


Discover Thermos Cooking as a Preparedness Tool

Samantha Biggers        

Survival & Knowledge for Uncertain Times

Tammy Trayer    Mountain Women Radio

Podcast #103: Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom

Podcast #104: Interview with Teri Page of

Podcast #105: Interview with Lisa Murano of Murano Chicken Farm

Rae Bardon    Historical Handcrafts &  Drinking Horns




Viking & Weaver:

Survivor Jane ​ 

How to make a survival bidet or "Hiney-Hydrant™"

Teri Page of

TJ Preps



Victory Girls Blog


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