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800 Life Coaching Memes & Relaxing Pictures


One of the things I find very enjoyable is to take these Memes & Relaxing Pictures and put them in a gallery slideshow using the screen saver function in windows.

The galley below is a sample of the ones in the Dropbox file



When I come back to my computer the slideshow is rolling by I read an Inspiring Statement, look at a great picture or get a good laugh.


Some of these I do not even remember saving since have some so many.


You can set them to shuffle or go on a timeline.  Some of the subject that will roll past are Spy Balloon and Holiday Memes.


Lots of Cat & Dog, Patriotic and Religious Pictures.


If you can not open up the file and they want you to pay 6.00 a month, open up this file and follow the directions to download them without signing up for Dropbox.


I add about a 100 memes a month so if you would like 300 fresh memes quarterly send me an email with "Update My Memes" in the subject line and I will put you on the update list.


If theses memes cause you unhappiness please accept three one hour free Life Coaching session where we can talk about what is coming up for you. 

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