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Home & Church Support

To support families in the Southern Indiana, and Louisville Metro area with there prepping plans. I will deliver to your house a 55 gallon plastic water barrel, a barrel hand pump and mount Two homemade 6' tall x 4' wide x 12" deep shelves and haul away items that are taking up space where supplies could be stored.  

My price for doing this is $140.00.   The barrels and the hand pump come from Rule King.  My cost is 50.00.  40.00 for my special needs childcare worker to care for my son when I am at your house. 50.00 for the labor and material to build the shelves.  

I am asking every church, mosque and synagogue in the USA to gather up supplies to establish a mini FEMA camp after the event happens where they can support those who have not prepared until FEMA camps can be establish in the larger cities 

The church also needs to take the lead in burying the bodies of the senior citizens and unhealthy middle-age people who will be dying in the month after the grid goes down.

I want to support these households and churches to work through their fear of what other people are going to do and make a plan to establish a compound where relief organizations can bring in supplies. 

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